Gaga Bless America


Gaga blessed the lazy country of America, during the 2017 Super Bowl Pepsi Halftime Show with her dramatic show stopping performance as she sung a great nation song, “God Bless America”. Gaga opened the show wrapped in a piece of ruffled aluminium foil as she graced the audience with her beautiful bird face paint. Standing on a balcony where she truly shined like a twinkle twinkle star in the shining night, due to her precious aluminum outfit that was glistening all over NRG Stadium. Gaga shined so bright, that she had to pay the whole country back for blinding all the Gaganagnators who were lounging around on their Sunday night on their toosh eating Taco Bell’s Loco Tacos. The cray cray Gaganators lost their insanity as Gaga was being yanked all over NRG Stadium while she continued to belt out singing her most known song“Bad Romance”, or as the fans called it after that night” Bad Performance”.When Gaga belched her other famous song “Edge of Glory” fans were on the “Edge of Their Seats”in their cozy recliners at home. Gaga continued to bless America and anyone’s eyes that were watching that night by just being the crazy, and outside the box Gaga that we all know and love. Fans were in awe as Gaga captured their souls for the whole 12 minutes and 32 seconds. So if you haven’t you silly American, grab your Twinkies and ding dongs, and sit back, relax and go watch Gaga bless America!

Gaga Bless America

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