Girl Gets Lost in Her Own Backyard


Two months ago, or was it two days ago? An hour? A minute? Whatever. Some segment of time ago, my parents dropped me off not too far from my house. At least, I think. Of course, I was too busy jabbing at the invisible keypad on my phone to know exactly where I was being taken. I mean, I had better things to do – Selfie anyone? But anyway, my parents dropped me off and confiscated my phone, something about “enjoying the fresh air…” and what not. The strange thing is that I feel like I’ve been here before. I mean, just look at that lawn chair… It looks exactly like the one in my yard – creepy. Oh! I know! I’ll take a pic for Snapchat. Who knows, maybe it’ll get me a few more followers. Hold on, where is it? WHERE IS MY PHONE? Did I drop it? No. I-I mean, I couldn’t have right? It was right here a second ago. Maybe I can call for help. *dials 911 on palm* “Hello?”

“I’m sorry, the phone you are using does not exist. Please try again.” No. NO! Someone help! Please, help! I’m lost! M-m-my phone is gone, and I don’t know where I am. Someone. Anyone. Please!

“Will you shut up? You’re in the backyard.” Mom? Is that really mom? Oh my god, I’m saved! I’m saved! Mom, stay right there. I need to get a selfie with you to show everyone that you just saved my life. Wait, mom where are you going. Don’t leave.

HELP, I’m lost!

Girl Gets Lost in Her Own Backyard

2 thoughts on “Girl Gets Lost in Her Own Backyard

  1. amanda0888 says:

    Your piece was very entertaining and gave me a good laugh, the piece as well was well done and very relevant in todays world considering everyone’s head is always in their phones. I as well love your use of dramatic irony through it.


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