“Let’s Talk About Luff”

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Need a boyfriend? Well you’ve came to the right place! Apparently facebook is offering an unlimited choice of numerous anonymous people who are just waiting to send that one friend request to that special someone! There is no worry about age at all! 7 years isn’t even close to a big age gap! It’s not like you will be in first grade when your hubby’s in 8th grade!

For example, there is this one girl named Rebecca Luff from Plymouth who met her hubby, Michael Young, who lives 10,000 miles away from her in Australia! Awh! How cute! They can’t even see each other on a daily basis! She is sooo lucky to not have to worry about looking “perfect” everyday for her boyfriend because she won’t even see him!

It’s also not a problem at all with their parents accepting this relationship because she already has the yes to use her boyfriend’s Nan’s car when she visits him to go places in Australia! You could totally trust an 18 year-old teen with a car, yup that’ll go well. Especially might as well give her Nan’s car! It’ll be a blast!

Go ahead and don’t even worry about what people think about this relationship because I’m sure they will think it is great! It is totally normal that a 25 year-old male hits up a random 18 year-old teen girl off the internet! Usually it leads to something you don’t want to happen, but I’m sure he doesn’t have bad intentions, maybe a few kisses here and there but nothing inappropriate I’m sure!

So if you’re looking forward to that special someone, I suggest you accept that newest notification of a friend request on Facebook of a male or female that you don’t know at all, and maybe they will be your next lover of a 20 year age gap! 😉

“Let’s Talk About Luff”

One thought on ““Let’s Talk About Luff”

  1. paulo750 says:

    Your satire is so funny because of how over the top sarcastic you were and how you exaggerated the distance between the two lovers. I also enjoyed you picture.


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