Make Poodles Great Again


I,  Donald Trump am here to tell you, Poodle owners of America, that we are all great. That’s right, which is why I am here to tell you that I will  make the Poodles great again. Because Poodles are the best dog in the world. I am not saying others dogs are fails, but I am because they are all losers. Great Danes – too big, way too large, totally too fat. They’d never win a beauty contest. Never happen. But the Poodle would. Poodles are the smartest, the best, the greatest dogs. Not the black poodles, no, no, no, the white Poodles. We all know about the black Poodles, total losers, total scumbags. It’s true. No one really wants a black Poodle. And of course, the best white Poodles are the male ones, not the female ones. Those are losers. It’s true. It is the most sexists thing you have ever seen, I love it. Its great. I even tweeted this morning #whitepoodlelivesmatter. And I gotta tell ya. People loved it. I got 23,000 retweets. Some of the liberals–they think that dolphins are the smartest, the greatest. So stupid. They’re not even real. Fake. Okay? I’ve been to the aquarium. No dolphins. A couple of sharks and some penguins. And they love it there. They love feeding time. Like all animals they love food. I love food. I eat the best the food. I eat steak every night. It’s delicious. Not like that Mexican. It’s no bueno. It’s fake. I eat the best steak. We should make steak great again.


Make Poodles Great Again

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