Man get’s knocked the F***** out outside apparel store

LOS ANGELES – Once a place for all the hip teens and edgy high school students; Supreme is now a hoard of hypebeast who dress like your Asian neighbors. Equipped with tents, chairs, and sleeping bags, these teens are ready for the next drop at Supreme. We spoke to one participant (David So) and he said: “I’ve been waiting here for 2 weeks boi its lit…” David So and the rest of his occupants are not phased by the long lines, but worried if he will get the latest, child labor T-Shirts. It was normal until the time of release. Eyewitness reports state that a Fu**boi decided to cut the line and got into an altercation with other participants. We spoke to Bart Kwan, a guard for Supreme and he said: “Once I saw him throw the first punch, I knew that he did f***** up lmao.” After one punch, the line cutter hit the ground full force and broke two of his teeth, this altercation leads to police interaction. This isn’t the first time we saw teens institute a fight for clothes before. 10 months ago a riot broke in the Los Angeles metro over Supreme branded metro tickets, prompting a citywide delay of the metro. After the initial altercation, we spoke to Casey ChanYo, it a shame you feel me? But, at least I copped my clothes.” said Casey Chan. This won’t be the first time underage millennials living with welfare kill each other over clothes, nor the last time. It will probably be stupid 100% of the time. 

Man get’s knocked the F***** out outside apparel store

5 thoughts on “Man get’s knocked the F***** out outside apparel store

  1. hubboichefboychris says:

    I like how you talked about this topic because it could be real because everyone nowadays is trying to be a hype beast and get supreme stuff and I also really like the picture and title


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