Mike Pence Strives to End World Hunger With a Little Self Control


“Hunger is just a compulsion. It can be changed.” 

World hunger has been a quite prominent issue for some time now. Ever walk down your city block and see children, parents, and teens starving on the street? Begging for anything they can put in their stomachs to ease the pain? Thank God we have a solution. Finally. Mike Pence has been VP for a little over a month now, and he’s already making waves of humanitarian change. Pence is a man who is full of great solutions to American issues. When he was asked about his view’s on LGBTQ rights, he said “I believe homosexuality is a compulsion that can be contained, repressed or changed”.  Wow. How lucky are we to have such an understanding, open minded, people-person as our VP. And good thing he’s going to apply this notion to the starvation problem too! Haven’t eaten for weeks? Stomach feels like it’s going to implode? Little to no flesh left due to fat loss? Don’t worry. Mike Pence will help by reminding you that your urges to eat can be contained, repressed, or changed.

Trump’s infamous Wall is no new news. Pence is now hoping to use the wall around the Mexican border as a tool to his plan. By having Mexicans pay the US Government to stand on top of the wall and chant “Screw being hungry, we love Pence”, the amount of hungry citizens should drop by nearly 90%! That’s incredible! I personally cannot believe  how kind and inspirational this man is. Without Mike Pence’s innovative, creative, and selfless ideas, who knows how much longer people could be starving? Adios world hunger! 

Mike Pence Strives to End World Hunger With a Little Self Control

4 thoughts on “Mike Pence Strives to End World Hunger With a Little Self Control

  1. cassievaleria says:

    This was hilarious, this was a great satire! Your satire piece was really exaggerative of the VP, and it was great overall! 😀


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