Standardized but NOT Equal


Welcome in, now sit down and take a standardized test on material your school didn’t bother to teach you. There somehow wasn’t enough math books for your geometry class last year, so you probably won’t do too good in that section. Oh, and there was forty students in your english class freshman year, so you won’t do good there either. We know you have not been sufficiently prepared for the test  like others have, but you have to take it anyway. Without it say goodbye to your chance of getting into the four year university of your dreams. Wait, it’s not like you could afford it anyway, college cost like a million bucks nowadays. But don’t complain, it’s a standardized test, so everyone is on the same playing field, right? Even those rich kids who go to the private school 10 minutes away from your house, and have parents who invest half a grand for an ACT tutor. Meanwhile, your mom could barely afford for you to take the test. Lets not get started on how you couldn’t study for the test because spent all of your evenings doing homework, and watching your little sister, while your mom worked extra shifts. It really is unfortunate, but we will still compare you to all of those students even though you come from a very different lifestyle and educational background. We use the test as a generic way to put a number on your intelligence. Good luck though, we hope you do great.

Standardized but NOT Equal

2 thoughts on “Standardized but NOT Equal

  1. miak1221 says:

    I really liked the topic you chose for this satirical piece. There was great use of hyperboles and sarcasm. I really liked your piece and I think it can relate to all high school students.


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