The Demon


It was reported that earlier today than a demon like creature was wandering around a rich black neighborhood. Locals found it odd and disturbing to see a creature roam their streets. Several witnesses state that they saw the creature wearing baggy pants, an oversized shirt, and could possibly be carrying weapons such as AK-47s. Also that he was wearing a large bulky backpack where he could be hiding drugs. Fearing that the creature would do harm to the locals and destroy the neighborhood, concerned locals contacted police. A SWAT team soon arrived and easily captured the creature. Upon being surrounded by police cars and officers the creature appeared to be scared and confused. It slowly raised its hands and surprisingly in proper English shouted “Why are you stopping me?!“ An insider at the police station leaked that the creature’s name is Brandon and is apparently a white teenager with many arrest warrants linked to additional crimes that recently occurred in other rich black neighborhoods. Crimes such as robbery, assault, and narcotics distribution.  He was recently released from rehab for a severe Starbucks addiction. Amongst his possessions while being processed at the police station, were a NASCAR cap, a metal studded belt, stolen Starbucks giftcards, and in his backpack were comic books, pirated video games, movies, and cds. When asked about his presence in the neighborhood and why he was there, he answered with “ What is so wrong with a white man trying to take a walk in a black neighborhood?”

The Demon

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