The TSA Needs Major Cuts


Traveling through airports is a pain in the neck. The endless line for security, making everyone late for their flights. Taxpayers paying $7.6 Billion annually for these workers to do what? Sit on their asses all day and stare at a monitor? Harassing you while you are violated as you stand in a giant machine scanning your entire body? Sure enough, just about anyone can do their job, it sounds easy enough. Millions and millions of dollars went into new scanning machines that are so precise that it thinks you have something illegal on your head when there isn’t. People always end up getting pat down one way or another, so why use stupid machines? If million dollar “microwave scanners” can’t do the job, TSA workers minus well pat everyone down, now that will save a lot of money. Studies show that there is a 95% failure rate for the TSA catching bad items being screened. At this point, the TSA should be gotten rid of, if they only catch 5% of the bad and leave the rest for unsuspecting passengers. With this high failure rate, TSA officers would still miss most of the stuff that might be on someone, so they should be cut altogether. With our current President, more government budget cuts are inevitable. Since the TSA isn’t doing their job well, it’s clear who will be put out of work. That $7.6 Billion should be spent on something better than this floppy security.

The TSA Needs Major Cuts

One thought on “The TSA Needs Major Cuts

  1. theresalovespeanutbutter says:

    I never really though about this issue before I read your post, but it has gotten me to think about all the times I have missed or almost missed my flight do to an outrageous line at TSA. I do not totally agree with you on everything, however I do agree that TSA definitely needs a much more efficient and effective way for security. I like how creative you were in your choice of topic and in your manipulating of the letters in TSA (in your image).


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