Who Trumps Who?


Government, what a scary subject to talk about! It is all jumbled up with who trumps who. We have the federal, state, county and city government. Then for us teenagers we have home, school and friend government. One could describe government like an onion, with many layers. We can all say that federal is the top dog, the big kahuna, followed by the state, county, then city government.  Ugh!! I can barely keep up with it and let alone spell them all.  Then we get into the confusing part of teenager government. Who trumps who? Does mom trump dad? Does school overrule friends? Sports over homework? Well, that won’t get me into college! Who controls my curfew? Is it the feds, is it my parents, or is it my friends? School government dictates that you have to go to school from 8am-2:40pm.  Does that mean I can appeal to the state to exempt me from starting school until 10am? That sounds pretty nice to me if I say so myself. Technically speaking, we can all Tweet “The Donald” and ask him to overrule curfew, eating dessert before dinner, appealing not to do chores at home, as well as being able to have as many puppies as we want. While by common knowledge federal law overrides state law, but for teenagers who knows who rules the roost. I mean, my Dad says he is the “king of the house” but my mother disagrees. I’m not sure either, it all depends on the day of the week.

Who Trumps Who?

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