Bright Stars, Not So Perfect

Preview of the Oscars


THE OSCARS! Everyone raving and excited about the annual event where they get to see their favorite actors and movies get awarded for their excellence. It came time to award the winner for the Best Picture. Everyone waiting in silence to hear if their prediction would be true. Here it comes: “And the winner for Best Picture goes to…La La Land!” Half of the crowd was cheering and the others had looks on their faces as if they were the ones that lost. The cast of La La Land, including the fabulous Emma Stone, cheerfully walked up the stage as if they were certain they’d be receiving this great honor before their names were called. Each of them started giving their speech and giving shout outs to their mothers watching from home. “HOLD ON! STOP, STOP!” we hear a man saying running onto the stage. He tells them that there ha been a mistake.

Never in the history of the Oscars had there been a grand mistake made like this one. The director of La La Land comes back to the microphone to announce what had just happened to the audience. The real winner is Moonlight! The crowd started clapping very confused about the event taking place. The director continues to announce, “This is not a joke. There has been a mistake. Moonlight, get up here.” The two casts switch place as the crowd’s cheers get louder. How sad the cast of La La Land must be right now. To literally have your dreams in your hands but taken away because you were told it was a mistake. Yikes. I hope they are able to recover from this public embarrassment.

Well, that wraps up the Oscars for tonight folks. With an unfortunate mistake that we hope will not happen again.

Bright Stars, Not So Perfect

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