Budgeting Done Right


Most people know that money doesn’t grow on trees, but the  president of the United States can make it grow from anywhere.  President Trump has derived the perfect equation for keeping the divide between the Upper and Lower class in America just as big as his ego. Since, as all people know, the public school system in America has no flaws whatsoever, pulling funding from our schools to put towards the military is what everyone needs right now. With his big hands (and even bigger penis), the genius that is our President has been overlooked. Mr. Trump has stated that he wants to cut 54 billion dollars from “non-defense agencies” and put that money toward the military. Forget about the fact that it costs New York City one million dollars a day to protect Trump Towers and $500,000 a day to protect the family. The secret service will only cost the taxpayers an estimated 8.8 billion dollars for all four years of his presidency. Now, let’s not be too harsh on the President, he has had to adjust to learning that aliens do exist, 9/11 was an inside job, and that the election really was rigged, so education is the least of his worries. But who needs education right? Donald has shown that with three different marriages, a TV show, and a small loan of one million dollars, anything is possible, even getting elected as president. Go ahead, with all the excrements coming out of the Don’s mouth, education will be the least of this nation’s worries.

Budgeting Done Right

5 thoughts on “Budgeting Done Right

  1. ricardosjnd says:

    I really enjoy your picture and the irony used. What an attractive model you chose to hold that book upside down, which helps convey your message a lot stronger.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. michaelthegoat says:

    I enjoyed you article and thought it was quite funny and humorous. The picture also makes it more funny because you are mocking Ricardo and others.


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