Clickbait, Ain’t it a Catchy Tune?



OK, you know what?  Ratings are down.  How can we solve this and increase ratings?  Some fine head scratching is going on at this question.   Suddenly, fingers snap!  Let’s take a popular online personality, someone who has no direct power over us, but gets a lot of views and has a significant following, watch five seconds of a couple of a videos and then cherry pick some potentially explosive and politically incorrect clips. Then, take these clips and string them together so they are completely out of context and put it all into an article and call this online personality with a decent-sized following, a NAZI, a racists, a sexist or really anything else that might cause people to become outraged.

Choose a catchy clickbaity title and, presto chango, you’ve got a perfect recipe to ruin someone’s career!   Why do this? Because every time we cause someones life to be ruined via calling shit out on not being 100% PC or not agreeing with us, not only do our ratings go up, but it gives us a massive hard on! And you know what else you have got?  Three guesses!  No, thats not it. Whats, that you think that it makes us feel good about our selves? Yes, but thats not what I am getting at. You’ve got one more guess. Got nothing? Ok, I’ll just tell you. You’ve managed to increase your own ratings, and probably made a bit of cash along the way.  What could possibly go wrong with this?  You don’t need no stinkin’ ethics, but can call other people out on it whenever you damn well feel like it.

Who needs details or the truth, money and power are what counts.  Extreme reactionism is what gets noticed in this business, not the truth.   How else can you make some quick money?  It’s not like people want actual news or anything of substance, and there are no strings attached. Truth and integrity need not apply.

Clickbait, Ain’t it a Catchy Tune?

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