Eat some more Fatty


After a new study by Harvard Medical it seems that kids in America are actually to skinny. Although the report has only come out but a few days ago the FDA has already taken action hiring Mcdonald’s to serve school lunches. We got an interview from one fatty Kicheal Mamplain at Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School who has been quoted saying, “God this sucks even a fatty like me is starting to feel sick with all this junk how but you hook me up with a salad.” This may look bad to the outside but you must understand he is but a child and does not know what is best for him.

The current childhood obesity is at a stunningly low 17%. With the new data and the programs that are being implemented we hope to have that number up to about 87% within two years. This idea of forcing junk food on children could possibly cause diabetes in some of them, but come on is diabetes really that big a deal. Mcdonald’s plans on leading the charge in the fight to beat childhood hubness, and to show how strongly they feel about this subject they changed their slogan from “I’m Loving It,” to “I’m Saving it.”

These programs despite how they may seem to the outside are very necessary. Help us to help your children, without us how will they ever succeed in attaining their obesity. Remember we are just here to help make your kids fat little piggy’s.

Eat some more Fatty

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