EPA’s New Director is Met With Tears of Joy


Trump, with his new candidacy, must assign directors to run different organizations and sects of the government. For the EPA he chose a crowd favorite Scott Pruitt. Pruitt has proven time and time again his care and compassion for the well being of the environment and the world. A man who has devoted his life to poverty and helping those less fortunate, he is the perfect man for the job. His stance on climate change not existing will not only revolutionize the EPA to be more progressive but also to a much more finance friendly organization. We interviewed some people on the street to get the public’s opinion on the matter. “I feel like people have done enough saving of the plant. We need someone who’s gonna harvest its natural resources for a change,” Says a young environmental activist. Scott Larson, a marine biologist at University of Washington says “Right now, our oceans are dangerously clean, we need more oil in the ocean or it could be a threat to us all. Scott Pruitt is the key to a safer cleaner future.” Laura Langston, a medical student at SF State proclaims, “At first I was a skeptic, Pruitt seemed like just another greedy Republican, but after hearing what his values I’ve completely thrown that out of the wind. He’s a genuine guy who just wants to do good by the common people and mother nature.” It seems the public’s reception of Pruitt has been exceptionally high. The EPA has sunny skies ahead and are in good hands to ensure that.

EPA’s New Director is Met With Tears of Joy

One thought on “EPA’s New Director is Met With Tears of Joy

  1. leokjlo1 says:

    Wow, beautiful. Using a mixture of sarcasm and Litotes you have changed my life and made me reconsider everything I stand for


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