Goldilocks and the stuff that wasn’t hers in the first place!


Cultural Appropriation….Lets get crackin!  Say a black man has spent 28 years practicing the sacred religion of Rastafarianism and is healthy and wise as his 24 inch deadlocks soak in the sun.  Sadly, he is called dirty and unkept by people of all colors and backgrounds, meanwhile privileged white models like, Gigi Hadid wears their hair in dreads and looks like a walking rat but is praised and put all over the news for her “beautiful golden locks”. What a concept! Why, she’s the real Goldilocks and it all makes sense now.  Gigi, or “Goldilocks” just walks into the “home” of all three bears and makes herself comfortable in their home, not hers, theirs. In this case, POC who practice certain religions or are part of different cultures have their habits and way of life interrupted and stolen by yet another white person. Don’t you just love when white people get all the credit as if they haven’t gotten enough credit since, oh I don’t know, the beginning of time?   Don’t you think that they should take a break from their originality and creativity and, *cough* *cough*….theft?  I sure think so.  We should stop letting white a matter of fact, WHITE PEOPLE, especially world renowned models such as Gigi Hadid, get away with appropriating a culture just for the purpose of “opening an original and new style” to the fashion industry because believe me, copying and pasting isn’t original, sweetheart.  Someone else’s culture should not and should never be your costume.    

Goldilocks and the stuff that wasn’t hers in the first place!

3 thoughts on “Goldilocks and the stuff that wasn’t hers in the first place!

  1. sofiastars says:

    I really like the description and examples used to make the reader understand what you’re purpose is. It really gives a good explanation to what you’re talking about.

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  2. chlomoneyyy says:

    I thought this was a good mix of serious and humor. I like the slang that you use to exaggerate the cultural appropriation. Relating the Gigi Hadid story and comparing it to Goldilocks was good analogy and funny to add. Good job!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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