Hypebeast Has Crippling Depression after Missing Recent Supreme Drop


A local hypebeast who goes by the name yvng_azn on social media has crippling depression now after missing a pretty recent supreme drop. The drop happened on February 23, 2017. This well-known hypebeast had been waiting for this drop his entire life. Now his parents have told us that he hasn’t left his room. He has even been seen by his parents looking at the Supreme website while slowly crying himself to sleep. He had a statement for us, “I f****d with the vision fam, but I missed it. Now there is no reason for me to live.” His parents are very worried for him as well, “You know, Supreme is his life. He really loves it with all his heart. It all started when he saw the supreme brick, he then fell in love.” The next school day he attended, many students reported weeping from the same stall that he was spotted entering. His teachers said that he seemed very sad and unmotivated. He still had a lot of supreme clothes, and yet he wasn’t satisfied. He was heard saying to other students saying, “I have crippling depression.” Now a week later, he bought more Supreme clothes since they had another drop and he isn’t an emotional emo. Yes, an emotional emo that’s a thing now. He now has yeezy’s on his feet, Supreme on his body, and a reason to live in his heart. He is now reportedly ready to “F*** with the vision fam” and “Let’s link, i’m tryna build.”

Hypebeast Has Crippling Depression after Missing Recent Supreme Drop

5 thoughts on “Hypebeast Has Crippling Depression after Missing Recent Supreme Drop

  1. hubboichefboychris says:

    I understand the pain of when that happens and I think you really emphasized it and I really enjoyed reading on how Ryan suffered because he didn’t get what he wanted. I also like how at the end you included that he got happy from getting some stuff that dropped and that motivated to keep on living the hype beast lifestyle


  2. ryanyungaznboi says:

    This is a relly funny satire piece. It tells a unique story of me about how absurd my obsession with supreme is. It really represents how someone like me puts a crazy amount of value into things like clothes. Even if people are trying to resell or wear for show, it relly shows the hype around something so simple.


  3. colethegoon says:

    Great satire piece. It explains a funny story with a related funny picture and title. I feel like it resonates with the modern teen culture as well as with pop culture making this relevant and creative.


  4. alexandratheunicorn13 says:

    This was a very funny satire. I really like how you pinpoint on the fact that people have crazy obsessions over brand names like Supreme.


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