Immigrants in America? Since when?

IMG_5514 2.jpgOkay but what is Immigration really? Some Americans get so aggravated and insulted when people approve and defend the rights of immigrants in the United States. But here’s some devastating news if you haven’t known already. The WHOLE United States was built off Immigration. Crazy right? If it weren’t for the Europeans coming over, taking over Native American land along with the Hispanic land, colonizing it and abusing their power to become one of the most powerful nations in the world… they still would have taken over some other land; but of course we’d probably all speak a different language along with having a COMPLETELY different lifestyle. So what’s the harm with having people from other countries live in the UNITED States. I mean we are the land of strength and opportunity, why single out those who want it? Is it because obviously taking what’s not your is not acceptable? Not at all. This is America we’re perfect! So it’s true, immigrants try to take everything away from the Americans in the United States? Of course! I mean, if Lations, didn’t do the work Americans hate to do it makes sense blaming them for our decrease in jobs within the American people. Of course being born IN America with immigrants parents isn’t enough to consider yourself American. This immigration thing is crazy! “They are PEOPLE just like you and me trying to grab opportunity and strength in the so called Land of the Free.” Get that out of here!

Immigrants in America? Since when?

3 thoughts on “Immigrants in America? Since when?

  1. luisisfatherless says:

    I think the best part is the fact that he has yogurt in his other hand. But this article is so good it makes me forget I don’t have a dad.


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