Is it getting warmer around here or is it just me?

Today a walk into the break room caused me to step into a battle zone/over the top science lesson over global warming, which some of my geeky coworkers believe in. Global warming- seriously? They claim that science is on their side but please, the greenhouse effect is a natural process that has been occurring for millions of years, but people are just now starting to care about it now! Sure glaciers are melting at a higher speed in the Arctic, tropical storms are becoming more intense, and large magnitude earthquakes are becoming more frequent, but there are at least a million other reasons for this! The way climate change and global warming are being spoken about, you would think that an event like the one that killed the dinosaurs is underway. But of course this isn’t true!

After all, we (humans) are much smarter than dinosaurs and we always make the best environmental choices. Plus, we have far better technology and resources that can help prevent the warming of the planet, anyone want any fossil fuels to burn? The truth is, if global warming and climate change were actually happening, wouldn’t there be a higher percentage of people who believed in it? And wouldn’t there be a number of laws and measures passed by the government to save the environment? But these events aren’t happening…. However just because something isn’t totally believed in, doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. I now rest my case that global warming is nothing than a myth used to scare children (and liberals) into caring for their environment.

Is it getting warmer around here or is it just me?

2 thoughts on “Is it getting warmer around here or is it just me?

  1. fionatheflowergirl says:

    Looks really good Theresa! I love the use of sarcasm and ridicule your author uses to portray your stance on global warming (I know you believe that it is real).


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