It’s The Thought That Counts

A recent act that will shock absolutely nobody, Donald Trump has passed a ban on immigration from several different countries to the United States. Despite the anger that this has created across the nation, Trump himself believes that he deserves an “A+ for effort”, and why shouldn’t he? The effect of his actions are not the most important things; what truly matters is that Trump has put forth the effort he believes is needed, proving yet again that it’s the thought, not the outcome, that counts. In addition to Trump’s self-awarded A+, the president has given himself an A for achievement because he has accomplished many great things, including the spark of nationwide protests and the bankruptcy of multiple self-started businesses.Trump has also said that he has “many good reasons to be president” and that he “wants to ban many more things by the end of [his] term”, which he proved just a few days ago with his ban on transgender people’s rights to use the bathroom that matches their gender. Americans are happy with this because transgender people are perverts and only want to use a different bathroom to peep on the people using it. Before citizens jump off the handle and try to have Trump impeached or something insane like that, it’s important to remember that this man has no previous political experience, and the fact that he was even elected in the first place is incredibly impressive! All in all, Trump’s presidency is eliminating unnecessary human rights, and American citizens are grateful!
It’s The Thought That Counts

2 thoughts on “It’s The Thought That Counts

  1. alexloveschocolatecake says:

    I like how honest this is since our new president does feel like he is doing a good job even though it is hurting and affecting the lives of many different individuals. Good job Michaela!


  2. allycat2018 says:

    You have a great way of writing, and I could definitely see how you used satire effectively, regarding our new, amazing president and all the wonders he’s done for Americans (haha). Good job!


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