Not Our Problem


I don’t understand why women are always complaining that men only see them as objects. It’s obviously their fault. It’s not my fault that I can get aroused by a shoulder or a collarbone. Women always say that we only see them for their looks. Which is true, but only because that is what they promote. I’m not gonna look at a instagram picture of a girl at the beach and think “oh she looks like she is having a good time” no! I am obviously gonna think “woah she has a smokin bod.” and that’s not my fault. Its her fault for posting it.

And then people always bring up the issue of girls trying to change themselves because people only like girls a certain way. I’m sorry that I only like thin girls and that I find bigger girls unattractive, but I’m not the one telling them lose weight. That’s on them.

And it makes complete sense that girls get in trouble for what they wear at school. I mean have you seen them! Their ankles are such a distraction! I mean it’s fine if Rob wants to wear booty shorts to school because he doesn’t cause a distraction. But if Sally wears something that reveals that collarbone, oh boy, no one will be able to pay attention in class.

Girls just need to get a grip and realize that they cause too much of a distraction in the classroom. Its girls that need to be apologizing to us guys. Not the other way around.


Jake Waters



Not Our Problem

4 thoughts on “Not Our Problem

  1. cassievaleria says:

    This satire is really relatable for all women, and I think you were spot on with speaking with truths and it was a really enjoyable satire to read ❤


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