Orange Statue wants 54 billion?

A orange statue wants to have 54 billion dollars to bolster the already impenetrable american defenses. He is going to deduct money from agencies that help people so that we are safe from outsiders. America has the strongest military in the world and we protection from them still. With the recent divorce with america and decency the country is going down hill. After this tragic break up it married the person we all know and love an Orange Statue with broken comb over. This thing has been slowly changing our nation. From the literal attacks on sanctuary cities to the outlawing of abortions and now this. As america slowly falls into depravity we could literally fall into the pits of Tartarus. This thing has been slowly dismantling the america we know and live in. We are starting to slowly turn into an even more racist society that either. With the recent rise in the KKK (Kool Kats Klub) within the south the racism has peaked at an all time high. It is slowly tearing our country in two, but oh wait that’s already happened. There a bunch of mountains in the way and I can’t see the other side. The problem is not external, but internal. With this has created a problem overall with the division of our country. This is a problem that doesn’t need to send forces to protect ourselves. The thing that we need to do is commit more time and effort towards fixing our broken ass country.

Orange Statue wants 54 billion?

2 thoughts on “Orange Statue wants 54 billion?

  1. ryanyungaznboi says:

    This is a really clever representation of Satire. I like how you make something so serious out of something so absurd. Making fun of something very real and making light of it. It is also really funny how the author provides some of his own thoughts like “fixing our broke ass country.”


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