Strict Dress Code Rules Are Liberating


Dear Dean of Students,

I am writing this letter to thank you for having set strict dress code rules for girls only at our school. It was very much needed. Especially as a girl these days.  There were so many of us females walking around exposing their soft round shoulders and showing off our flowy bouncy locks, that creates great arousal in men. It has impacted me greatly by teaching me that my body is only there to be judged. Dress code is an amazing way to teach girls that their bodies are too sexual and therefore should be covered. Schools that do not enforce girls to follow dress codes teach them wrong messages like embracing and loving their bodies. What a horrible thought. Dress codes are also very beneficial to boys. Making girls cover up prevent boys from getting distracted by girls racy ankles, therefore making them pay more attention to the class, getting them better grades. 

I very much appreciate your decision to  make the dress code rules insanely strict so that no skin shows at all. One of my favorite rules include wearing gloves at all times to conceal our  seductive fingers. Another one the need for scarfs to prevent the distraction of ones curvaceous necks. Lastly, my most favorite rules out of all of them are that skirts are to always be long enough to graze the ground. How embarrassing would it be to accidentally flash your knees at someone! These rules have provided freedom and equality, for that I thank you for your decision to enforce dress code on us females.

-Corinne Platinum

Strict Dress Code Rules Are Liberating

5 thoughts on “Strict Dress Code Rules Are Liberating

  1. peli2018 says:

    I really like how you directed this towards the dean of students as well as pinpointing the exact reasons why dress codes are so strict for girls with extreme sarcasm.


  2. theresalovespeanutbutter says:

    This post uses sarcasm effectively to make a statement about the sexist dress codes that are put into place at schools. Thank you very much for writing about this topic; because even though school leaders may say it is about “appropriatness” and “professionalism”, it is really about deeper issues like gender equality and not judging females by their bodies.


  3. camilleisawesomesauce4 says:

    I like the reference to the bachelorette you made for the girl’s name! I also like how the ruler is not starting at the measurement zero lol. It emphasizes how girls can be called out for “violating” dress code for the most ridiculous reasons.


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