The MANliest Comeback EVER

After all these years women are finally getting equal rights, which is great and all, but what happened to the rights of man? Why are our rights ignored as we are forced to suffer in a world where it is all about what a woman wants?

After the rise of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign which strongly supported women’s rights, more than 60% of all men had lost their jobs to women in the workforce. If men put up a fight against this dramatic rise of women, they are considered “jerks” or “douchebags”, but if standing up for men’s rights makes you a jerk, then so be it. The world needs to realize that before the rise of females, it was not a problem for men to get a job, but now we are forced to a stay-at-home work life. We need to get back our jobs from the selfish women that think they can push us around.

It is time for men to take back what is theirs, their jobs, rights, and masculinity. This movement will be called “The Rise of Meninism”, which is a community of supporting males and females, fighting for the rights of males. In recent years, men have been overlooked because of the focus on female rights. We need to start a change that will inspire other men to realize that it is not a woman’s world, but a man’s world.

Let us secure the rights of man!
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The MANliest Comeback EVER

4 thoughts on “The MANliest Comeback EVER

  1. jacksonnnn18 says:

    When is it going to be an actual website? Very funny Julia and perfectly edited if I might say so (by me), i like it.


  2. kaylaisgreat says:

    Julia your post was really good. I liked the way you said certain points of the piece. I really enjoyed reading yours because it was really funny and made me laugh. Overall you did a good job with this piece I really like it.


  3. hahamegan30 says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post because I got to see Menism because I have never heard about it before, and I love the picture that you added!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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