The Pain of Walking Your Dog

fullsizerenderFor all of those dog lovers that loves dogs, but hate walks isn’t annoying. I have a dog, and i’m always so busy. When it comes to homework, sports, and sleep it sometimes can be hard to incorporate a walk in for your dog. I always hate it when I don’t because Chip (my dog) will give me a sad face. I also am lazy and don’t want to take him out. There should be a robot that walks dogs so I don’t have to pay for a walk that should be free. We as a generation have been able to make technological advances. Why not this? Walking your dog is sometimes such a hassle that it could cause stress in your life. Also you don’t want to see your best friend sad because he or she didn’t get a walk in. That is probably the saddest face a dog can make. If a robot was created to walk a dog it would make our community even better than before. More people would be stress free from the burden of walking their dog.  There would be less foot traffic so people in cars would be able to get to more places faster. People don’t need interaction with others. That is so overrated.  All they need is a great companion. Having a robot that can walk your dog would be the best for society and communities. Knowing that you don’t need to do work is the best feeling you could have.

The Pain of Walking Your Dog

2 thoughts on “The Pain of Walking Your Dog

  1. jacksonnnn18 says:

    Ian I can so relate to this. My dog Monty is a pain in the ass and whenever I try to walk him he stops every ten seconds, or pulls, or doesn’t even want to walk. I hear there is now like an uber for walking dogs and you can order a dog walker when you need it.


  2. michaelacervantes says:

    My dogs get really obnoxious when I forget to walk them, I hella feel this. I love “people don’t need interaction with others… All they need is a great companion” lol


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