Trump’s Christmas Plans


Donald Trump releases his first budget plan as President and it is evident the amount of interest Trump has in the military. The plan is suppose to free up 54 billion on military spending, which will come from programs like the EPA.

It’s being reported that President Trump’s first action will be to recreate the Trojan Horse. Reports say Trump received the idea after watching the movie Troy with his second best friend Mike Pence.  Although it would serve as a peaceful gift, Trump says to ensure that the new military budget be used Trump said he would throw in a couple of nuclear weapons as a bonus, thus using all 54 billion.  

When asked about the hit the EPA will have Trump stated, “I will use the dumped steel of China to build it, thus taking the illegal dumping problem of the EPA’s hands.”  

The Republican led Congress and Senate appear ready to pass it as Trump promised all those who favored it an extra day of vacation. His hope is to have it complete by Christmas so he can give to his best friend Putin.

Reaction worldwide has been very accepting of this new tactic taken by the 45th President of the United States. China and North Korea have been two close allies that have taken great exception, and reports coming from the Kremlin are saying that they receive the gift with open arms.

It looks like all the doubt that came with President Trump has been put to rest, as he has been able to do the impossible. Our future looks bright America.

Trump’s Christmas Plans

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