EU Forces Sanctions on DPRK Due to Recent Missile Test

img_20170305_140513The European Union has imposed sanctions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea due to the country’s recent ballistic missile test, probably leading to more starvation to the nation, especially the Dear Leader Kim Jong Un. The Council of EU has put restrictions on imports from the DPRK including copper, coal, zinc, beer, wine, chicken wings, as well as transactions involving coal and iron. These measures also include preventing the DPRK from receiving European exports such as helicopters, ships, and Swiss chocolate. The EU has decided to have institutions not train any DPRK nationals to participate in studies, which may lead to increased chances for the DPRK to launch more missiles and blow more crap up. “It is troubling for all nations,” says an EU ambassador after attending the council, “With the DPRK being up in arms all over this, what else is there to do besides ban and deprive them?”  US president Donald Trump has yet to address this issue, however he is in an “armed war” with mass media outlets. The launch of the missile, which happened on Feb. 12 had people unsurprised due to the fact that these missile launches from the Asian state seem to happen once or twice a year, but nevertheless led to widespread condemnation from the international community. “We don’t need another WWIII,” says the EU ambassador, “So we’re going to continue lays sanctions on the DPRK. I doubt they will follow them considering the many times the UN tried. Their leader is probably drinking Heineken, not caring about other countries” The EU ambassador also doubts that the recently elected US president would even think about the DPRK missile issue. “He’ll probably create WWIII just by himself.”

EU Forces Sanctions on DPRK Due to Recent Missile Test

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