A Letter From a Concerned Principle

Dear Mr and Mrs Robinson,

I am sending this to inform you that your children haven’t been paying for their school lunch. This has been going on for a couples days now and it has quickly come to my attention that you owe the school the total of TWO WHOLE DOLLARS. I am here to tell you that if you don’t start paying for the food your children get, we will have to make your child serve brutal detentions the next day instead of attending their classes.

They will be forced to go on the roof of the school and clean it with a tiny tooth brush in the hot sun without food or water. When they finish cleaning the roof, we will have to make them clean the top floor windows from the outside. The entire time I will assign a school associate to keep reminding your child that this isn’t our fault and that it was all yours because you won’t pay for their lunches. We can’t have these things occur to your children because when the graduate from this high school, we’ll have to tell ALL the colleges they apply to that you couldn’t pay for their food. That’ll damage the schools they’ll get into because if you two won’t even pay for food for your own children, what makes them think that you’ll be able to pay for their tuition. Like in some extreme cases we may even start considering expelling your children from the school and if they start increasing the debt to even a mere 25 cents, that could potentially be their ticket out of this high school.

This school understands that your family has been going through tough times recently but it is in all honesty really not our problem. After all, we weren’t the ones that fired you both from your jobs. If Mr.Robinson hadn’t stolen some clothes from his retail job for billy and milly and if Mrs.Robinson hadn’t spent so much time taking care of her sick mother then both of you would still have your jobs. You two need to get your act up and take care of your children like real parents. Why would you two go to these levels to take care of family when in reality money is all you need?

Here are some pictures of starving children. You wouldn’t want your kids to end up looking like this now would you? *insert hungry kid here* I suggest writing up a good resume and getting a job to help support your family where you two won’t be tempted to steal or stop going and quick. If not we are going to eventually start feeling bad for your children, we’ll give them food but continue making them work. They are going to have to work for their food somehow right.

This is just a letter from a concerned principle wanting to let you know that your children can end up like other students that are in lunch debt. The other kids have started trying to get food from other children but it is happening so often that the other children feel uncomfortable, and they can’t be around the other kids during lunch time anymore. They spend their time in an unused classroom that only has pictures of buffets and children smiling while eating luxurious foods. There is a TV in the room though, but we have it set to the food network. This way the children will only think of food and when they get home they can urge their parents to pay the school and get them out of lunch debt. Don’t let your children end up like these other poor children, I know they are better than that.

Best Wishes,

The School Principle ❤   

A Letter From a Concerned Principle

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