“Get Out”: The little horror film that couldn’t!


Since its premiere on Friday, the movie “Get Out” is being called bold and realistic when facing the issues of racism, but it’s not a horror flick! It shouldn’t even be in the category of horror. The romantic-comedy section suits it better since the whole frickin’ movie is about a couple! Saying the movie is a horror film is like saying Dwayne Johnson and “The Rock” are two separate people, it’s an incorrect statement. Jordan Peele, the director, says: “The scariest monster in the world is human beings and what we are capable of, especially when we get together.” Well, guess what, I can think of way more things scarier than a plain old human, like an alien, or ghosts, or the grades of the average student in 2017. Now, these are some pretty scary stuff. Even though this movie is about current day racism, it doesn’t mean it makes the story scary or suspenseful. I mean racism isn’t such a big deal anymore, and you can believe me since I’m a rich, white guy who knows everything. All and all, this movie was a total bust. Don’t let that perfect score on “Rotten Tomatoes” fool you. To be honest, the reason the critics thought of it as scary was probably because they were having a bad mushrooms trip when watching it. Everything is scarier when you’re on mushrooms. This is Jordan Peele’s first time directing a film and it seems like he’s already messed up. Geez, bud, maybe you should just stick to your show on Comedy Central…..wait. Oh right, I forgot that the show is ending. Hey, maybe he should stick around in the film business, except in his next movie he needs to make sure he puts his movie under the comedy genre and casts Adam Sandler. Can’t have a crappy comedy without him.

“Get Out”: The little horror film that couldn’t!

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