“Parenting is easier when their younger!”

Hello, New York City! Reporter here, for the New York Times: Children’s Perspective, and I am interviewing 7 year old Princess Price. She is here this morning to explain the definition of loyalty for parents.

“Hi, sweetheart! How are you?”

Princess Price responds, “I am great!”

“That’s good. Please tell us what makes your parents special?”

“Well, my parents are always providing me with the best things, by getting Louis Vuitton purses, Ralph Lauren clothes, and Gucci jewelry. Without these, I wouldn’t have survived! They always get what I want, whenever I want it!”

“So you are saying your parents are loyal to you? They don’t mind the cost?”

“Well I never knew how much money they have, nor do I even care. They seem to have plenty of money, thus assuming they are rich.”

“How often do you ask things from your parents?”

“ALL THE TIME! I need something to keep myself happy.”

“So having shelter, food and life doesn’t make you content?”

“No. Materials I need to feel cared and loved”

“Material is what shows affection, not from a feeling or bond shared between you and your parents?”


“So they always obey you. Sounds like their your servants…”


“Do you refer to your parents as anything else?

“My driver, cook, janitor, and my assistant.”

“Do you think your parents are ever tired of serving you?”

“Well I have never heard them complain. But if they do grow tired, I will hit them hard, I don’t care if they bleed. But I will make it as if it was an accident. But I know they will understand.”

“What if your parents run out of money and are not able to get the merchandise you want, would you not be with them? Or in another case, what would you do?”

“Absolutely not! But in order to get what I want, I will threaten and disown them. I will embarrass them in public to make them feel ashamed!

”What if they resist you, say no, or even yell at you?”

“I will sue them for verbal abuse!”

“That’s a bit extreme isn’t?”

“That is the punishment they deserve. If you have people who do not agree with you, should might as well execute them. Your life cannot have a good living with people who are disagreeing with you.”

“But how could you just leave your blood family?”

“Blood does not matter, a true family should never be selfish. In fact, people are saying children don’t know better. In this generation, kids are actually smarter! They are getting things that are useful and relevant. Parents are paying school tuition, and think children should be educated. Wrong! Kids are teaching themselves of how to negotiate with money!”

“As we conclude this interview, what would you like to say to the children your age who are struggling with—”

“Parental hindrance? I would like to advise that to all the kids all over the world, to not stop being the boss. That means that you are in total control, you are always going to be right. Your parents might think you are ruining your morality, but it is them that are ruined. They do not understand the need to be important. Their only advice would be some mushy topic about how you are made beautiful by the heart and not by things. Wrong! Ignorant bastards!”Mommy B-day, Chanelle,Sheryll,Percy and Friends 074

Readers, you have witnessed a psychopath with no care in the world for her parent’s debt. Someone or something should regulate these type of kids. I propose this: Whenever their are kids that are selfish, bratty, and/or crazy, they should be sent to the Juvenile Detention. Now I know is only for prisoners that have committed illegal acts, but having kids like these are immensely unlawful and unjustly. Parents do not deserve to have this life. Sooner or later more kids will grow and produce, and they would eventually max out your credit cards, and even banks and other financial companies would be run by kids!

“Parenting is easier when their younger!”

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