If All Lives Matter, EXPLAIN THIS.

This isn’t the first time white lives matter has made it’s way protesting in the street. I can’t fathom enough how the racial criminal justice law in America has once again shown that race does in fact MATTER. My name is Eric and this isn’t the first time that my skin color has been seen as ‘suspicious’, which caused me to get beaten half to death by police. Everyone talks about how white lives matter racially discriminates the rest of society and instead, All lives should matter. Black social issues have never been a thing that has affected them in the past. When they commit crime it never has to do with the fact that they’re black. As being an advocate for the white lives matter movement I believe it is in everyone’s best interest if I were to share my story and racial discrimination.

One day as I was leading the strike for white lives matter, the police did not agree with our right to protest and said that I was a great threat to the people around me. Standing silently at the front of the protest caused me to become the biggest target ever. Police took my “All lives matter” sign, broke it in half and took me down with it. They grabbed me, threw me on the ground and beat me until my white skin turned black and blue. I was left with with a broken rib, black eye, and a broken 1,000 dollar versace watch that my father bought me after Barack Obama left office.

IMG_5592Us whites are the only ones who can relate to the movement because no one sees just how poorly our race group is treated. White males are always given the side eye walking down the street because they happen to be more important since the beginning of time. Which is SUPPOSED to be true, however why can’t everyone else see it that way? How can everyone be so naive to the fact that white lives are what matter more than the other trash we call black, or Asian, Muslim, Indian, etc. Why is it that the people who should be treated below us are being treated as though they matter more than us? Why should they get their voices heard, their stories in the media, a memorial for their dead brother, aunt or uncle who died because of course they’re gang affiliated. I just want to know as to why their lives matter more than the people who built and made this country great. We deserve justice over these wanna be Americans.

What White Lives Matters advocates for is the equal discipline and rights for those of us in the white community. You cannot completely discard the fact that white lives are being seen as lesser just because we happen to be more important in every way. All the blacks are looking for are excuses so that they can be given more and more special treatment. Do they not have enough with no more slavery, or anymore segregated bathrooms, or the fact that they can legally coexist with people from the different gender? Why is it that when a white person wants to speak out about their oppression people think we’re crazy because every time we see a video of ourselves being engaged by the police it ends with us being shot.

Just the other day, at an All Lives Matter protest rightfully so a black man was murdered because of a fellow White Lives Matter follower. However his death was broadcasted for the whole country to see and was made a big deal. However, my friend Aaron was charged for second degree murder and didn’t have a great story written about how he was able to get only a year in prison. Black men die every day, so why make the stories all about them? Our only solution: go back to our years of segregation and slavery. Putting our dynamic back to the way it was is the way to go.

If All Lives Matter, EXPLAIN THIS.

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