Just Kill Yourself Already

You may not know it, but a lot of people are depressed and want to cut their wrists, limbs, shoot a gun at their head, and even hang themselves. Everyone has a bad day in life, but these people go over the top extreme and try to kill themselves. Honestly, if they want to stop interacting with society, people should just let them be. We proceed to baby those who want to kill themselves by putting them in mental institutions or clinics where their families or loved ones think they will be safe.. Why should we do that if they proceed to take up  $44 billion of the government’s money. Instead of investing billions of dollars to save the life of someone who wants to die, we should work on improving the life of people who want to live. We could easily use the money to improve public schools, hospitals, roads, and even shopping centers. These utilities would truly benefit the living, and the government should take that into consideration.

I truly do not understand why people who are bullied proceed to commit suicide. honestly if they are fat they did that too themselves. There are ways they could have prevented being fat. They could have stopped eating or even worked out to loose all the weight they had gained from eating junk. But no. They chose to live with the bullying and being called fat. If people call you ugly there are ways to fix that too. There are stores called Sephora, Ulta, Mac, and even Walgreens. Go there buy some makeup and maybe even some tweezers too. Once you have all the essentials slather it all over your face. Go to town, This would be the logical solution to a problem of this sort, but no people sit around and complain about being called ugly; and when they turn to write their suicide note they blame their actions on the person who called them ugly and fat. People who wish to commit suicide have no clue that they had the biggest hand in their desire to die. Society hasn’t found a solution, but I have.

The solution to solving this influx of suicides is very easy. Those stupid suicide hotline slogans that go, “If you are in a crisis call 1-800-273- TALK”  do not work. The people who you talk to aren’t your savior, they are not God. Instead of  calling a number to fix your problems you should fix the problem yourself by going to “Death with Peace”. Here you can be surrounded by people who feel the same way that you do. Instead of layering your problems on people who are happy and content with their life, you can find people who share in similar feelings. The way the clinic is ran is very simple. Once you have the slightest idea that life isn’t worth living, drive, walk, or even take the bus to the clinic. DO NOT TELL ANYONE!! They will try to talk you out of it, and begin to say stuff like “Life is worth living”, “It is just one bad day you can get through it”. Don’t listen to them they don’t know what they are talking about. The main key to getting the best experience out of the clinic is to make sure you don’t tell anyone. Once you get to the clinic you proceed to bond with one other person who shares in the same struggles and problems that you do. After you have gotten to know each other you both pick a drug or weapon of choice, and kill yourselves. You guys are gone from the planet of Earth and no one had to deal with the problems and sadness that your presence brought.


Just Kill Yourself Already

One thought on “Just Kill Yourself Already

  1. sophie1220 says:

    1. I think you satire is very effective. It brings to light the problem of suicide, and the mentality that many people have about suicide. The solution you offer is extreme, and really makes me think about the problems that many people face.
    2. I love the image that you included with your piece. It really adds to the effect, because the face of the girl portrays the intense emotion that your piece is trying to convey.
    3. I think that you could have focussed more on the deep and dark aspect of your satire. You spent a lot of time building up to it, but the part that was dark was only about a paragraph. Having a more dark aspect would have made your piece an even more successful work of satire.


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