Take Out The Weak

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Introducing a new law to the United States of America, Cyber Bullying the Weak. This new law is focused to young teenagers to adults with social media accounts. The law enforces people from the age of 10 to the age of 20 to have a social media accounts. During the years of having social media accounts, people will be forced to cyber bully other users online. The government has a new small section located in the Communications area of the government. There people will be able to look over and supervise all social media accounts used on each application. Consequences will come to people who fail to follow the guidelines. Each level of cyberbullying will come with its own set of punishments ranging from a small punishment to extinction.

The first degree offense will be the destruction of one’s home and the loss of one’s feet. This consequence will come into effect when the user online is doing very little or not cyberbullying at all. They will be doing the minimalist use of the program and not being very effective, where they should be extremely forced and harsh with other users.. One’s  house will be gassed and taken by our special program to a closed room where the procedure of removing one’s feet and the destruction of home will take place. We will remove everyone from one’s house before the destruction but you will be stuck on the streets with nothing left to suffer.

Second degree of offense will be the the elimination of one’s family members as well as losing one eye. So you will still have one eye to cyberbully with. If you fail to comply with our terms, you will be eliminated from the gene pool. So none of your weak DNA will find its way back into the strong gene pool.  If you do not know what that means, you will be killed. With this being legal, no one can help you and your family. If you try to run or hide, the punishment will be even worse. You will be put through a slow torture. One will be chosen to be buried in the sand up to your head near the water at low tide and wait for the tide to come in where you will drown.

The final degree will be total elimination of one’s entire bloodline. We do not want any weak in our system, we want people who are strong and able to take the pain. It is teaching the young generation to become stronger and lessen the weak from the world. But if you end up being weak and unable to follow the rules of our program, you will be eliminated from the population as soon as possible. We do not what the weak to be in today’s society and we do not want to weak to procreate. But if you decide to run or hide from one’s third degree offense, you will be hunted down and hung upside down from one’s ankles and skinned slowly with a cheese grater until nothing is left.

There will be a chance to earn extra points to each person by the number of people they make commit suicide. As well as receive extra points to how successful the people they bully become in cyberbullying others. Each person that commits suicide because of one’s cyberbullying, one will be permitted to kill one person of one’s choosing. It could be parents, friends, enemies, and even one’s siblings. Who ever you choose will be their one ticket to kill anyone they want to see die.  For each person who becomes a successful bully from one’s training of them, their trainer will be able to pick someone from their life for them to be able to shove bamboo splinters up the beds of their fingernails. These awards are for those who become successful in taking out the weak.

Take Out The Weak

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