A Cure for Inequality

Today American Liberal’s have taken over not only America driving the conservatives into the deep south, but they were soon rooted out and converted to Liberalism. No not only America, but the entire world fallen from the Equalist assault. Just last week the last Bastion of hope, Austria has fallen to the Liberal’s army of equality. How did we get to this moment many people ask as the new Liberal president takes the stage. It all started in a couple of years ago when the people asked and protested for LGBT rights. The supreme court eventually gave them that which then lead them to more and more rights for the people. Like women’s rights, black lives matter, ETC. No suspected what would happen and when Obama was elected that was the final push for these Liberals to come out the shadow and offer full support to the president. This gave them enough power to push through all the initiatives like legalizing marijuana. However we saw a glimpse of hope when Donald Trump was elected. He started attacking all of the Liberal initiatives, he repealed Obama Care. However it was too late as the Liberals came back in full force by impeaching the president and his entire cabinet. Now calling themselves the Equalists they pushed through America making all drugs legal and available at any drugstore for the small price of $100 per ounce. After their quick conquering of America the conservatives gave heavy push back trying to enact laws that would counteract their growing power. Eventually led to civil war and the leader of the South was the Traitorous Obama who led their rebellion with scary success. Eventually they were crushed by the overdosing of taxes in the south. After their uniting of the US under one idea they re-named the US to the Equal States of the North  The Equalists moved towards Europe and Asia with a military budget of 20 trillion dollars. Along with mandatory that anyone between the age of 18-55 had to either work in American factories or join the patriotic fight to unite the world. The world already in turmoil the Equalists.  They were able to easily push through all of Europe until they hit Russia when they put a hard defensive line they had trouble breaking through.  Along with the Middle East putting up a united front against the Equalists. Casualties mounted in the millions on both sides, however with the Equalists 20 trillion dollar budget they were able to bond the souls of the dead to robots with the words of the bible. Even with that they were not able to break through and resorted to getting the LGBT communities to rise up to get their rights in those countries. Not only that they flew over both with flyers of their dream of a equal world along with some hysterical drugs that made everyone agree with their idea. After six years of infighting within the Middle East and Russia they fell and were continuously drugged for the rest of the war. Super light taxes were imposed on all of the countries that they had conquered. With both Europe and the Middle East under the control of the Equal States of the North Asia yielded. That brings us to today were straight people are now in concentration camps from yesterday’s law. Now all straight people need to turn gay or lesbian or go to their designated work camp within a day. There are masses of people stating that they are gay or lesbian online while many others flock to the airports to avoid being sent to the happy asylum. This is where all the weird and fanatic people go to calm down with high doses of weed. This also comes at a time where drugs are at an all time low with $99.99, so buy your happiness pills today.

A Cure for Inequality

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