A Proposal for a Better Society

I, Billy Joel Higgins, prScreen Shot 2017-03-10 at 10.33.48 AM.pngoud conservative, hereby propose an idea to the United States Congress. I believe everyone in America should have a one free pass for shooting someone, without consequence. This would lower the crime rate significantly because people would not only have a free pass, but if used properly, their free pass would be used on someone so detrimental to society, that one should be praised for getting rid of them. This would also limit bullying and violence not only in schools, but around the country, because people would be more careful about their words and actions for the fear of death. The positives do not stop there. This new law would create a great reduction in the population of the United States allowing for less pollution and more natural resources, helping the environment by reducing our carbon footprint. Also, this law would allow for the creation of many more jobs, because there would be many new job openings due to the many killings. This also fixes our homeless problem. It would create more homes and jobs to be able to reintegrate the homeless into the community and allow them to become stable

The introduction of this law would help you as lawmakers and government officials as well. The jury system would be benefitted greatly, because there are many cases every year that they can not attend to, and due to the lack of cases because of this law, they will be able to spend more time on correct verdicts and keep innocent people out of jail. Also, preventing the crowding of our jail system.

There is no justification needed as long as you have your free pass. This would be tracked at birth. If one is to use their pass and kill another person for an unjustified reason, they would be sentenced to death and killed by the family which they took a loved one from. If there is no family present or they would not like to, they would be put to death by a shot to the head. Also, if a family member dies, without using their one pass, there pass would be handed down to their closest relative giving them two free passes. However, the limit to this rule is 3. This means 3 in total, so if one is to get three and use two, and another family member dies, they do not receive their pass because they have already been given three.

However, we would need a stable government free from the constant killings of political leaders, for consistency and productiveness sake, so it would be made illegal to kill a political leader unless one who has had a pass passed down from a family member, they could use two of their passes to kill one political leader. Also, the deaths must be reported to their closest Center of Free Killings, if not reported and the government finds out, they will be sentenced to death. One might ask where all the bodies would be stored? If paid for, which would be very expensive boosting the economy, there would be a burial, however if not they would be burned in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

This rule would be available only to American citizens, so if an immigrant were to enter our country, he could be shot, however until he has gotten his citizenship, he cannot shoot anyone else. This would decrease our population even more because America’s population today is only growing because of immigrants. Without them, there would be more jobs for native born Americans and less crime. For these reasons, the enactment of this law would only bring positives and profit to the United States of America that would ensure the prosperity of our country. As a man with much pride in our country, I believe this law would contribute greatly to the well being of America.

A Proposal for a Better Society

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