Ankles are a Rapists best friend

IMG_8471August 21, 2014, college move-in day, the day I was excited to hear that one in every four women in college report surviving rape or attempted rape at some point in their lifetime; however, I did not know that I was going to be one of those every four women who are raped, how exciting! Ever since high school graduation, I was thrilled to attend college, especially since the one I am attending has a board committee of middle-aged men who only care about the reputation of their university. Since women are the cause of rape, because the clothing that they wear show nothing but their ankles, this makes men a victim, therefore categorizing the woman as an attacker. That is why I, Amanda Tanner, am sharing one of my favorite stories about the time that I was raped and gladly accused of it.

It was the first night of Freshmen Week when my roommate and I attended a party in Lutheran Hall. Coming closer to the end of the night, I was standing against the wall and was offered a drink by this very good looking man: brown hair and blue eyes like the sea, every girl’s dream. I grabbed the drink from his hand and took a sip thinking everything was going to be fine. But suddenly, he grabbed my neck and pushed me against the wall; from there I was taken into a bedroom where he pinned me down to the bed and whispered into my ears the kindest words I have ever heard, he said: “this is going to be a memorable night for you and me”. Since then I cannot remember anything, except that that night, when I was raped, was the best experience of my life. You know what they say, the best things happen when they are unexpected!

I wake up in my room the next morning, thinking about how much fun I had to lay in a bed with a man on top of me and unable to move. My roommate tells me that I came into my room last night with a man from the party. She said that I was laughing as he ripped off my clothes and pushed me onto the bed; she assumed that I liked it, which I did, so she left the room. After that, all I could see was the blue sea looking back at me and ignoring the word “no” as they slowly ran off my lips.

Later into the day, I was excited to retell my assault to the board committee, because I know that they are going to listen and enjoy every moment of this meeting. I bet they are excited to hear about the type of clothing that I wore that night or the way my hair was styled so my attacker could feel the need to confront me. During the meeting, I proclaimed how everything was my fault because I went to the party, and accepted the drink. However, what drew in my rapist in the most, was that I was just standing there against the wall, being myself as I was taught to be every day since I was able to walk on my own two feet.
After the meeting was over, I felt so accomplished at how everything ended. They even gave me a couple of solutions to my problem so that it would not happen again. They told me next time to wear clothing that was more revealing and to accept every drink that was handed to me. The committee also said to ask the guy out on a date before I am raped, so that we are able to meet each other again. This was the best college experience that I have ever had, which is why I am so thankful for it happening to me and no one else.  

Ankles are a Rapists best friend

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