I Have A PLan

IMG_1723.JPGNowadays, poverty in the bay area has been rising and rising. It is only going to continue unless someone does something about it. No one else has to, so I guess it has to be me, Adam Nightshade. Of course it would have to be me, the rich CEO Billionaire who controls up to 77% of the work offered in the Bay Area. I run multiple companies like Courtyard Marriott, Starbucks, and other big companies. I see all of these peasants running around, working like hounds just to get a few table scraps. You see, i’m tired of it. I want to make the Bay Area a place without any poor people. I want to make it a beautiful place, a great place. I want to bring it back to its former glory, before all of these drug dealers, immigrants and homeless people looking for work came. I have a plan, but for it to work, I need the help of the mayors from the bay area.

Now the start of my plan is to make prices for everything higher. This seems like it will only make more homeless and poor people but you need to hear the rest of the plan to see how it will work out. Next, I will raise wages and paychecks to balance it out. This will make the raised prices hurt those without jobs even more. Then, I will reduce the amount of work so the poor people will be put out of work, which will increase the chance of them leaving by a lot. This will surely work out because I thought of it, but if it doesn’t I have a final plan. That plan is called Project Z and it will surely work. At every single work place, even small businesses there will be a time when the workers will have to fight to the death. Of course, if you’re rich then you can pay to be kept out, and the price will be high enough so that poor people can’t afford it.

Since I own the Waste Management Company, I have a way of disposing of the bodies. We are going to burn them to ash, and cleanse our bay area. This death battle will force all of the workers to fight each other if they can’t produce the cash to pay out of it. They can use anything at their disposal and only 20% will be able to survive, so if you were to be one the people, you would have to be apart of the last 20% alive in your workplace to be able to keep your job and life. If you survive also, you will gain a raise since there will be less workers to pay. This raise will be equal to all the people that survive because in doing so, these workers will have more money causing them to not be poor anymore. Once everyone has stable jobs and aren’t poor anymore we can go back to how things were before.


My Waste Management Company can dispose of the bodies very quickly and easily with our new incinerator. I truly believe that this plan can work out and benefit us in the best way possible, and the people whose support I need the most is you, the mayors. You know that this city needs this. You know that this can bring back the great days to the Bay Area. This beautiful place I call my home will be even greater once this plan works, and trust me it will. These poor people are overcrowding us, and now there are a ton of homeless people. These homeless fill up my hometown of San Francisco and are poisoning us. The poor people are the ones that are holding us back from progressing, because at the end of the day, they can’t afford to live like us, so they don’t deserve to live, like us.

I Have A PLan

2 thoughts on “I Have A PLan

  1. takimprime says:

    1.The Satire is funny and is able to get the point across that we need to help our poor and homeless.
    2.I like that you use companies that everyone knows and uses on a daily basis. Also how you are able to use waste management as the main disposal system for the dead.
    3. You could make it more extreme by having the police push them out with a bribe of the government.


  2. ryanyungaznboi says:

    1. I think this satire is effective because it shows this person with money and power and hate, try to control things for himself. Instead of a rich person stating things that are obscure but possible, the character you made sounds like a supervillain and says the thing you only see in superhero movies. It uses some urbane and farce aspects that make the story way more absurd and ridiculous. This makes your satire effective.

    2. I like the fact that the character you created tries to act big and tough but ends up looking silly making his only power his money

    3. Maybe try making his idea go to a global scale. So after he does come successful in his “plan”, you should state that he will take over America or the world with his superior ideas. This will solidify his rich bad guy persona.


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