I Was Asking For It

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To women,

I am writing this letter after much reflection and thought about what happened and why I am here. First I should introduce myself and tell you a little about how I got here. My name is Amanda Williams, I am a female, I am 23 years old. I grew up in Auburn, California and I am currently writing from my jail cell. Yes, I am a criminal. I am the one who lured the rapist.

Let me share my story. I have always been one to lure men into raping me. I don’t know, it has always given me strength and fulfilled me. I don’t think about it much I just do whatever i’m feeling that day. One specific day I was feeling extra frisky and decided to wear my hair up to show off the nape of my neck and expose my sexual ears. To heat it up a bit I wore my ¾ sleeve, exposing my soft, luscious forearms that are sure to get any man aroused. I went for a walk outside and found my victim, the weak link. He was drawn to me like a magnet he started talking to be and flirting, then he got closer and started groping. He pinned me against a tree, then picked me up and took me to his car and did the deed. After that he realized what had been done to him and he immediately called the cops and I was send to jail.

I’ve been in here for three years which has given me a lot of of time to think about what happened and why I did it. Before coming here I didn’t think much of it or that it was my fault but now that I think of it, it was completely my fault. I was the one who lured him in with my body, facial expressions, body language, and actions. It was really all my fault. I let my body be shown in front of men, that was my choice. The way I swayed my hips when I walked was asking for it. My promiscuous smile and happy expression led on these men and I really should not have shown any emotion. I should have had a blank expression like my mother always had told me to do in order to not lead any men on. It was my fault and is always the women’s faults. We make choices that make men want to rape us. We are the trap and the men are just the victims in the situation. They can’t control themselves but we women should know better. Men will be men and are easily tricked into raping women. We know that our bodies are irresistible and therefore should be more careful in covering it and concealing ourselves.

This is a letter I have written as a further reflection for myself and also as a guide to you women out there and a warning with tips in order to prevent yourselves from being in my situation. It will always be our fault so cover up girls. I have learned the wrong I did to those men and to myself asking for them to do those things to me and basically setting them up to rape me. Us women are the wicked ones. Please take this letter to heart and learn from my mistakes. I do not wish this on anyone so I wrote this as a reminder to all women to be cautious in what you wear and what you do because we have tendencies to be rape criminals.



Amanda Williams

I Was Asking For It

One thought on “I Was Asking For It

  1. camilleisawesomesauce4 says:

    Hi Alexandra! I think your satire was effective by how you convinced the audience that being raped was really your fault. It was the complete opposite view of what I know you believe which makes it an effective satire. I loved the letter format because it supports the setting of how jail time made you realize it was your fault. Something to improve would be to use more satirical terms because I can sense your sarcasm, but maybe try exaggerating more.


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