Make The Americans Great Again: The Perks of Specialization

20170315_074834Dear My Fellow Americans,

Public Schools shall be disbanded for their ineffectiveness in teaching and preparing students. By teaching students all subjects in schools, we have fallen as a nation from 1st to 28th overall in the world. Students are expected to study all “core subjects” to have a proper education, but what does that result in? Our children are forced to learn subjects that they are naturally bad at while they excel in subject areas where they aren’t allowed to move forward because of other lagging students. In terms of efficiency, and in search of excellence, our current education system desperately needs reform. Therefore, a new system shall be put into effect. This revolutionary proposition will change the school system is run in the United States of America.

We need greatness to comprise our society, to be on top of the world once more. The way to guarantee the success of this nation is to make our people the greatest they can be. Each and every person should focus on their talents and skills in subjects they are good at. Our system of education will reflect this by getting rid of the useless subjects that people learn now. Students shall learn one and only one subject that show natural talent in.  This ensures that only the best, brightest, most talented and skilled people will be at the forefront of innovation and cultural development.

Through the new educational system, if a person cannot specialize in a needed field, than they will be charged with treason and deemed unfit to live in this great nation. If convicted of this treacherous act, a person will be treated as an enemy of the State, and will be killed in order to give their functioning organs to the useful people in our country that need them. People should strive to specialize because their specific knowledge, talent, or skill will lend itself to the value that they add. Our society shall not be mediocre and will therefore not accept a person who splits up their time. Devotion to one’s subject is an absolute must. We must recognize the importance of this specialization. A person who can excel at one thing will perform it much better than anyone who else who has other priorities and stresses in life. A great person adds the most amount of value to their society while those who are only good at things will only be able to contribute a miniscule amount.  A person who can’t specialize is inherently worth less, and therefore it will be more useful to make room for someone who can. They will cease to exist except for the parts that are valuable, like their organs and tissue.

Human casualties will, unfortunately, be necessary. While it is commonly said that murder is inhumane, we must realize that the advancement of our species must take place. To innovate faster than any other civilization, we must expedite the process of natural selection. We will take full advantage of mother nature. We will use evolution to drive the US above and beyond all others. All great achievements have been gained through sacrifice. Therefore, it is imperative that those who are inferior donate what they can to those that will actually help the country progress. My dear Americans, the new eductaional system will create an intellectual revolution, and its institution in this nation will show the world that America is on top. Through this method of social advancement, the US shall reign supreme over all other countries through its technological advancements, cultural and economic influences, and it’s educational and government systems. Nation-wide genetic reform. Reform that will change America. We will rise on top, breaking international socio-economic barriers. We will make America great again!

Speech Given by: Jenine Spellman, the Department of Education Chairwoman, October 26, 2018

Make The Americans Great Again: The Perks of Specialization

2 thoughts on “Make The Americans Great Again: The Perks of Specialization

  1. I found your work of juvenalian satire very effective as you successfully satirized the major problem of America’s educational system in a dark and bitter way.
    I like the absurd solution you came up with that people who can’t specialize in a specific field will be charged with treason and often killed.
    Maybe a way you could improve your satire would be to put in more satire techniques-more irony and other techniques


  2. xjaissen2kx says:

    Hey Chris, I like your satire piece because the intensity of the satire stays at a high level (which I should have done in mine lol) and hints that Donald Trump made this speech based on the way sentences are structured. Maybe change sentences like: “We need greatness to comprise our society, to be on top of the world once more. The way to guarantee the success of this nation is to make our people the greatest they can be.” because of how bland it is even though I know it symbolizes Trump talking but other than that, this is a great satire piece.


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