My Black Objects


Hello my fellow males my name is Steven Smith, and I am very proud to welcome you to my store Eco. Black Objects. My team and I worked very hard to get these doors open, and ever since, our business has done nothing but excel. Here at Eco.Black Objects we have the most sexual black objects that you will see. Men love coming into this store because they are able to drool until their tongues cannot possibly salivate anymore.They drool like dogs over all the brown naked objects we sell here. We sell objects from the lightest shade of brown, to the sexiest shade of black the human male mind can imagine. Each object ranges from different prices, which is why our sexy pieces of chocolate have nothing but price tags on them. I mean, that is all they are worth. Sometimes if the male customers are lucky, we will let them test out the objects right then and there to make sure it will give our customer the best pleasure it can produce. After all, the customer is always right.


Sometimes when we get an overload of inventory  from Africa, we have an everything must go sale. We might even let the men get a 2 for 1 deal if we want the extra cash. One model that is hot and trending on our shelves right now is the Big Bottom 3000. You have the choice of how big and round you want your object to be, and  how submissive you wish it to be. Here at Eco. Black Objects we like to ensure that our customer is leaving with a  very satisfied euphoria, and arousing feeling. After the male customer is done checking out the object he claims, then it is time for checkout. Men love checking out these objects from head to toe, to make sure that it will be able to please the male’s desired duties.


We will have our best cash register ring you up named Johnny Dominant.  Once he is done bagging your object, then you are free to take your special treat home  and do whatever you please with it. Personally as manager, I get a huge discount. So that means I take advantage and go through a different object every single night. All these objects have the best money can buy from their beautiful melanin exterior to their luscious curves that they are created with. My personal favorite is the Black Chick 2000 because it comes with the roundest pair of breasts money can buy, and the biggest ass I have ever laid eyes upon. There is such a variety of  beautiful black objects that a man can possibly never ever get tired of  them. I never get tired of checking these objects out myself. What can I say, I am a man, and this is a man’s store.


Thanks to me and my brilliant mind, black objects are now being sold all over the world. Men just can’t get enough of these black beauties.I constantly hear complaints from useless wives complaining about their husbands spending too much time here rather than at home. Well my advice for those wives is for them to come over themselves and become a black beauty since they want to attract their men so much. It will be a win win for everyone. In fact, they should be supporting their husbands decisions. No wonder why these men turn to my store. I created this store to give all men a chance to have their sexual desires taken care of with the best my wallet could invest in, and I am truly glad  that  I am the reason that men will never have`to go a single day without feeling aroused. The women are useless, pointless, and are not worth anything since my black beauties have arrived. Well I got to go restock my shelves, but thanks for shopping at Eco. Black Objects. I hope to see you again!


My Black Objects

2 thoughts on “My Black Objects

  1. juliaiskoolia says:

    this is super good! the way you describe the women is very offensive and degrading, but it holds the truth. you are very good at advertising these black women as objects, or something you can pick up at the local store. also love the image, i love how you actually drew it and took time for it. GREAT PIECE!!!


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