Soccer Was Invented By Men But Perfected By Women

By Alex MorganIMG_2668

FIFA News wanted to interview Cristiano Ronaldo about this quote that has been trending on social media, this is what the professional soccer player said:


FIFA News’s reporter Abby Wambach interviewed the famous Cristiano Ronaldo to see what he had to say about this trend on twitter. Wambach asked him, “What do you think about this quote that was trending on twitter yesterday, ‘Soccer was invented by Men and perfected by Women’?” He began by stating how absurd this quote was and then said, “Futból was invented by men and perfected by men!” He continues on to state that soccer is a men’s sport and women don’t come close to playing the same way that men do. He begins to talk about himself and how good he is at soccer, and what a good person he is. We then get him back on track asking him, “What do you think this means for women’s soccer because it recently been gaining fame on social media?” He started to talk about his social media and how many followers he has. He says to the interviewer, “I have more fame on social media then this will ever get.” He began to talk more about how good he is, so we decided to ask him another question, “Did you know that professional women’s soccer players are played four times less than professional men’s players?” He begins discussing again that men are superior when it comes to soccer, that soccer is a man’s sport. Then he says the remarkable statement that men are more deserving of the money and adds that, “Men play the more beautiful game making them more deserving of the money.” As this is a very controversial statement the interviewer asked a question, that probably a lot of soccer fans would like to know, “What do you do with all the money you receive?” He states that he uses his money for personal use, knowing that everyone would be curious to know what these uses are we asked, “What exactly are these personal uses?”. He started to describe what he spends his money on, and he says a lot of his money goes to his children and his wife. Then he begins talking about his family and having future children, he states, “I want my future daughter to not play the physical sport of futból, it’s dangerous and competitive for women.” Wambach asked him a responding question, “What should young women aspire to be and do when they are older?” He responds by saying that women should say away from sports especially the competitive ones. Wambach wanted to follow up on what Cristiano did with his money. Then he starts to describe that he uses his money for beauty, and we concluded that what he means by this is plastic surgery. Nobody could naturally have cheek bones that sharp, Cristiano Ronaldo has cheekbones that could cut paper. He didn’t want to expand on what he meant by beauty and decided that the interview was over.

To conclude this interview we learned from the fan favorite professional men’s soccer player that soccer is a man’s sport, men are more deserving on the money, and that he spends his money on plastic surgery. He taught us that the beautiful game of soccer can only be eloquently played by men. We learned that young girl’s should aspire to play a girl sport or even play no sport at all. Also that women play a different sport and there is no way that women’s soccer and men’s soccer can be compared. The most handsome Cristiano Ronaldo taught us that he lovely gives most of his money to his family. Finally we learned from this interview that the amount that women don’t get paid and men do, goes to a good cause being gifts for his family and to his face that we so love.

Soccer Was Invented By Men But Perfected By Women

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