The New Way

In the world we have many problems and problems like racial injustice, overpopulation and wars are the main theme of this world. All these issues can be solved with one simple task. If the world had one race, one people, a people who were all the same. A great philosopher, Adolf Hitler, was trying to accomplish and solve all these issues despite his failure because of his lack of planning he has had a great influence. His idea was to make one people, all the same. In order to solve racial injustice Hitler proposed an idea to rid of the impure. I am proposing a similar bill, its goal is to make the world pure. If we eliminate all other people except people coming from the bloodline of 100% African descent.

In order to achieve these goals, we need to systematically put all other peoples to a demise. To pass laws to make all killing legal and abortions are encouraged if you are not of the pure race.

The pure race will not be allowed to be killed or have an abortion, for they are the chosen.

In order to ultimately put all others to a demise we must eliminate their culture as well, and establish a new, more pure and civilized way of living.

The impure culture includes: language, clothing, hobbies of any type, infrastructural similarities. Everything must be new and original.

We must eliminate the youth so that no impure culture is carried on.

In order to embrace and reestablish the pure culture, we must enforce various practices and have universal religion.

All pure people are obligated to expunge impure people, or impure practices. Which includes pure people practicing impure actions for that voids their purity.

All pure peoples will have equal luxury and their will be no difference in social hierarchy, excluding the supreIMG_6971.JPGme leader. The supreme leader is determines by a gladiator contest; a fight to death.

Though all pure people will be equal, all will have different occupations which will be determined based on personal merit in a particular subject.  

Though this ‘New Way’ towards purity may seem inhumane and challenging to do. It is the most proper way to rid of all injustice in modern day. We will champion over these modern  day obstacles with this new uniform people and uniform country. Everyone will be accepting this as the only solution and it shall be enforced. Victory Alas!

The New Way

5 thoughts on “The New Way

  1. jacksonnnn18 says:

    It was effective because I didn’t laugh at all, in fact, I was a little disturbed while reading it. I loved how you outlined the procedure and the part about abortions was very nice. I would recommend re-reading your piece and making sure that everything sounds good. Also maybe make it more extreme next time.


  2. ianofthe says:

    Your satire is effective because you used a lot of sarcasm, and mocking towards Hitler. One thing that I liked about this is that you used Hitler to help make your point more valid. I think you should choose one issue instead of multiple ones and focus on one.


  3. jordananana says:

    I really liked reading your satire, it was super funny and clever! I think it is a very effective satire, because it goes to the extreme and uses lots of the vocabulary words we learned about. I love how you bring Hitler into it to show just how silly and extreme the “solution” is. Great job! 🙂


  4. ricardosjnd says:

    Your article is quite effective, however this has happened before, and many people still believe in this idea. This is on the edge of juvenalian satire because people affiliated with the nazi party still believe in this. You did a great job friend!


  5. xxoeliasoxx says:

    Hey Mike, the satire you used is very effective because it really pointed out some of societies flaws and how sometimes we make up solutions that we think are for the best but are actually really detrimental to ourselves. I liked the Hitler analogy it really adds some umph and one thing you can improve on is adding more scenarios of this “new way”


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