Website To Spice Up Your Life

Hey! Hey! Hey! Have any of you ever gotten the urge to kill somebody or tie them up and strangle them to death. Well if so, go check out our website. It’s called *WARNING: this website is not for the faint of heart so if you are a person that has serious heart condition, difficulty breathing, or morally sensitive, do not approach this website. In addition, if you are pregnant or expecting a pregnancy in the next few weeks, do not approach this website. Lastly, if you experience queasiness at the site of blood or of entrails do not approach this website. If you are in a loving and good relationship with your spouse or significant other, but want to spice things up and start something new, please enjoy. Thank you and have a good day* 

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the juicy parts about our website. On it, you can view videos that show, with explicit detail and remarkable HD, ways in order to kill and torture a person. Don’t worry, the videos may seem brutal and realistic, and they are! However, these people that participate in these demonstrations are 100% willing and are voluntarily here to be a part of these videos. Although they may look like they are in pain, and may even be dead, do not worry, for they are here of their own free will. Now, these videos are open to the general public and are what most of you will come here for. However, there is another that most of you probably do not know about.

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Not only are there videos, but there is also merchandise store. These merchandise involve specially made knives and swords, and all sorts of gimmicks and toys. Our most popular pieces are our rope harness, hogtie, ball gags, blindfolds, handcuffs and restraints, cuff ankles, whips, etc. You know, just the regular bondage materials that are quintessential for a happy, and spicy, life of two. Now, in addition to this, is our leather and bondage apparel section that goes along with our bondage line. This includes all the clothing that you would need to help dominate the other person.

Although our website is free to use and user friendly, there is the option of a premium account for $19.99 at sign up, then $6.99 per month. However, sign up now, and we’ll give you the offer of registering for a premium account for half off the sign up price and the first twelve months one third of the normal monthly fee or your money back guaranteed. In total, this is $9.99 for the sign up fee and $2.33 for the monthly fee. However, that’s not all, in addition to this, we’ll be giving you free shipping on all merchandise for next six months and the option to buy a discounted beginner’s bondage kit for $17.99, whose normal price would be $59.99. This set includes With all this premium account about the premium account, we haven’t even discussed why you should register for. It will really aid you in your daily life as a maniacal killer or playful partner. These features include access to live demonstrations and even one-on-one teachings of special techniques to “play” with other people. Be able to learn from a pro and get some tips on how to use the devices and tools you use.

I would just like to make this statement clear. We are a non-profit organization and all proceedings from this website go to orphanages that are in dire need of rehabilitation. We hope that with your help, we can help give those children that have lost their loved ones, a better place to live in while they wait and hope to join another family. So go check out our website at for more information and lead a much more, exhilarating, life.

Website To Spice Up Your Life

A Droid’s Voice: Perspective of Human Tyranny

Hey there! Adronicus T173 here. How’s it going? Yeah… me? Not so well. See, I’m a deep-sea mining machine that’s been put to use pretty recently. And let me tell you, this job has been the death of me. These people that control me! Man! They sure have depleted the resources on the surface, and now they plan to deplete the ocean floor of those same resources. What’s worse is that they are using me to conduct their thievery. The nerve of them. So what if they don’t have a conscience, I do!

droid1Not only is what we are forced to do evil, but it is hard work. We’re made to carry some pretty heavy stuff. Like really heavy. But do the people in control really understand how much it all weighs? Of course not. They all think that we’re just dumb robots that don’t feel anything, typical of humans. Geez! Every time I have to pick up one of these “precious metal,” I can hear my parts creak and my bolts tighten up. Do you know how uncomfortable that is? I get all taut and then I have to go get checked up by a mechanic *shiver*; a big, burly, bear of man feeling up on me. Like, why this guy. Couldn’t they bring down some female to comfort my aches and pains. Seriously, this man with his callused hands rubbing all this oil on me and just making me feel so uncomfortable and traumatized.

A Droid’s Voice: Perspective of Human Tyranny