I Was Asking For It

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To women,

I am writing this letter after much reflection and thought about what happened and why I am here. First I should introduce myself and tell you a little about how I got here. My name is Amanda Williams, I am a female, I am 23 years old. I grew up in Auburn, California and I am currently writing from my jail cell. Yes, I am a criminal. I am the one who lured the rapist.

Let me share my story. I have always been one to lure men into raping me. I don’t know, it has always given me strength and fulfilled me. I don’t think about it much I just do whatever i’m feeling that day. One specific day I was feeling extra frisky and decided to wear my hair up to show off the nape of my neck and expose my sexual ears. To heat it up a bit I wore my ¾ sleeve, exposing my soft, luscious forearms that are sure to get any man aroused. I went for a walk outside and found my victim, the weak link. He was drawn to me like a magnet he started talking to be and flirting, then he got closer and started groping. He pinned me against a tree, then picked me up and took me to his car and did the deed. After that he realized what had been done to him and he immediately called the cops and I was send to jail.

I’ve been in here for three years which has given me a lot of of time to think about what happened and why I did it. Before coming here I didn’t think much of it or that it was my fault but now that I think of it, it was completely my fault. I was the one who lured him in with my body, facial expressions, body language, and actions. It was really all my fault. I let my body be shown in front of men, that was my choice. The way I swayed my hips when I walked was asking for it. My promiscuous smile and happy expression led on these men and I really should not have shown any emotion. I should have had a blank expression like my mother always had told me to do in order to not lead any men on. It was my fault and is always the women’s faults. We make choices that make men want to rape us. We are the trap and the men are just the victims in the situation. They can’t control themselves but we women should know better. Men will be men and are easily tricked into raping women. We know that our bodies are irresistible and therefore should be more careful in covering it and concealing ourselves.

This is a letter I have written as a further reflection for myself and also as a guide to you women out there and a warning with tips in order to prevent yourselves from being in my situation. It will always be our fault so cover up girls. I have learned the wrong I did to those men and to myself asking for them to do those things to me and basically setting them up to rape me. Us women are the wicked ones. Please take this letter to heart and learn from my mistakes. I do not wish this on anyone so I wrote this as a reminder to all women to be cautious in what you wear and what you do because we have tendencies to be rape criminals.



Amanda Williams

I Was Asking For It

Ankles are a Rapists best friend

IMG_8471August 21, 2014, college move-in day, the day I was excited to hear that one in every four women in college report surviving rape or attempted rape at some point in their lifetime; however, I did not know that I was going to be one of those every four women who are raped, how exciting! Ever since high school graduation, I was thrilled to attend college, especially since the one I am attending has a board committee of middle-aged men who only care about the reputation of their university. Since women are the cause of rape, because the clothing that they wear show nothing but their ankles, this makes men a victim, therefore categorizing the woman as an attacker. That is why I, Amanda Tanner, am sharing one of my favorite stories about the time that I was raped and gladly accused of it.

It was the first night of Freshmen Week when my roommate and I attended a party in Lutheran Hall. Coming closer to the end of the night, I was standing against the wall and was offered a drink by this very good looking man: brown hair and blue eyes like the sea, every girl’s dream. I grabbed the drink from his hand and took a sip thinking everything was going to be fine. But suddenly, he grabbed my neck and pushed me against the wall; from there I was taken into a bedroom where he pinned me down to the bed and whispered into my ears the kindest words I have ever heard, he said: “this is going to be a memorable night for you and me”. Since then I cannot remember anything, except that that night, when I was raped, was the best experience of my life. You know what they say, the best things happen when they are unexpected!

I wake up in my room the next morning, thinking about how much fun I had to lay in a bed with a man on top of me and unable to move. My roommate tells me that I came into my room last night with a man from the party. She said that I was laughing as he ripped off my clothes and pushed me onto the bed; she assumed that I liked it, which I did, so she left the room. After that, all I could see was the blue sea looking back at me and ignoring the word “no” as they slowly ran off my lips.

Later into the day, I was excited to retell my assault to the board committee, because I know that they are going to listen and enjoy every moment of this meeting. I bet they are excited to hear about the type of clothing that I wore that night or the way my hair was styled so my attacker could feel the need to confront me. During the meeting, I proclaimed how everything was my fault because I went to the party, and accepted the drink. However, what drew in my rapist in the most, was that I was just standing there against the wall, being myself as I was taught to be every day since I was able to walk on my own two feet.
After the meeting was over, I felt so accomplished at how everything ended. They even gave me a couple of solutions to my problem so that it would not happen again. They told me next time to wear clothing that was more revealing and to accept every drink that was handed to me. The committee also said to ask the guy out on a date before I am raped, so that we are able to meet each other again. This was the best college experience that I have ever had, which is why I am so thankful for it happening to me and no one else.  

Ankles are a Rapists best friend

Always Tolerant

The matter of underage drunk driving has gotten a lot of attention over the years with organizations such as MADD (mothers against drunk driving) and SADD (students against destructive decisions) making outrageous claims such as that alcohol kills more teenagers than all other drugs combined or that one in six teenagers binge drink. However, there has yet to be a support group created supporting anti-sobriety. There is that connotation that alcohol is a temporary fix to your problems, therefore becoming an alcoholic can only result with the positive effect of a long term solution to all your problems. This is when I came up with Always Tolerant.

IMG_7512Growing up with alcoholic parents, I was exposed to alcohol since birth and started drinking when I was 6 years old. As a persistent alcohol drinker, I felt the qualification and duty to help the people of my city become more intuitive with their drunk driving self. Along with anything else in life, there is a dangerous risk in driving under the influence. It takes great skill and practice to perfect the art of drunk driving ensuring maximum thrill while on the road. Here at my driving school, Always Tolerant, our goal is to guide others to the status of a valuable drunk driver meaning one can get into limitless amounts of accidents killing tons of people and receiving only minimal injuries themselves. This idea for a drunk driving school came about after one night, I had drank twelve 8 oz. beers and 32 shots at the prom after party.  I usually consume a way greater amount than that, so I thought it would be fine to go ahead and take the 55 minute drive home down i-80 at 2 AM. I was having the time of my life swerving 160 MPH down the interstate with the radio blasting my favorite song. I would have said that night to be really successful until I found myself ten days later waking up from a coma in a hospital bed. I was discouraged to see that for the first time ever, I had put myself in harm’s way and I was even more devastated when the doctors bared the bad news that no one was affected in this accident except me! If I remember one thing from that night, it was that I had my eyes on those twins in the back seat of that gray sedan. I could have sworn it was a clear shot directly at them! Two kids dead in one go. All I needed was to kill those two kids to be happy, what more could I ask!? Those two deaths were all I needed to hit a new record of 42 kids in 3 months, but instead I’m the one stuck in this hospital. To make this experience even worse, the nurse had called the police! What are the police even doing worrying about an alcohol drinker when they have their own issues like eating donuts or beating the innocent. Alcohol is the least of our problems. It was meant for a good time and a relaxed feeling, so how dare us view it negatively when really it is a gift from above.  Statistics show “In 2014, 9,967 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for nearly one-third (31%) of all traffic-related deaths in the United States” (CDC). This shows that these drunk drivers are not trying hard enough in their efforts to kill as many people as possible. We as a community of drunk drivers should have at least 99% of the kills. I believe we can get there with enough hard work and dedication. This tragic time became a new motivation for me. I felt that I had failed the thrill of drunk driving and from that day forward, I’ve made it a mission to become a valuable drunk driver of society. With my driving school, I hope to work to achieve this mission with those who embody the same goal as I do.

Always Tolerant


IMG_1830Hello I am Fack Jarner from Fox News, and we interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you breaking news. This news is for white people only it is not broadcast to minorities but especially Saudi Arabian people. Our benevolent leader The Donald has enacted a new executive order to deal with the Arab problem in America. The Donald’s new ingenious solution is to kill all Arabs when they get on a plane. This is why it is so essential nobody alerts Arabs to the new executive order, because if they know why would they ever buy a plane ticket. The new system that The Donald is entering will essentially kill off and solve our terrorist problem but in a very humorous and ironic way.

Essentially the plan is when an Arab person comes to the airport the TSA agents will lie to them about which plane they are taking. The Arabs will then go to the plane and board. These planes they board will be state of the art with an autopilot as a captain to prevent loss of white life. The plane will take off and fly over a designated debris drop zone, and when it is over the drop zone they bombs planted in the cargo bay instead of luggage will blow up. The Donald was worried that eventually even the Arabs will catch on to what is going on so we will only report maybe one out of thirty of these explosions. To make it even better the ones we do report on we will say that there were some other races on it as well further preventing people from catching on. When an Arab person is buying a plane ticket the flight will be full or their flight will be cancelled if there is not enough Arabs to keep suspicion down. It will not just be Arab immigrants who are killed either, but also people who have any Arab heritage in their dna, as well as any Muslims.

Now there are exceptions to this method of removal. For instance let us say there is a TSA agent who is having a horrible day and just needs to blow off some steam. He will pull aside an Arab of his choice (age and gender do not matter anyways they will be killed no matter what) and he/she is allowed to do anything he wishes. Rape, torture, kill the only thing he may not do is have no fun and let them live of course.

This plan will not only fix our Arab/terrorist problem but it will also fix many more issues in America as well. Without so many of these Damn! Arab immigrants we will cut down on unemployment, poverty in America, and political divisions over such trivial things as immigration and letting in refugees. The most important issue this will fix is the people who will more then likely be given the TSA officer jobs will be violent convicts or nonviolent convicts who made love to girls who were asleep. This job will be perfect for convicts as it will give them jobs straight out of prison, give them a place to let loose on their wildest violent urges, and cut down the crime rate as they will be legally doing these things.

    From me to you Fox news supports this, this is Fack Jarner signing out and remember stay privileged America.


Starving or Striving

In today’s modern world much of the population is suffering due to many disadvantages they supposedly face, yet there are still many that are able to get by and flourish. The main reason for their supposed suffering is they are living in poverty, or better yet they are starving. In a recent study, there were to be more than 900 million people that are hungry, yet there is still a bigger number to be heard 7 billion people live in this world. The world as a whole is as well still going through a crisis of not enough housing for the people and with a rise in prices for them because of the demand, and so many people are unable to be taken care off because of all this chaos. One thing many have to wonder is if there is a solution for all of this, and the answer is yes. With a number of people in the world and the overpopulation we face we have to look towards the greater good for the people if you are unable to provide yourself with food, you will die.

Many will see this as barbaric but as a united force, we have to come together and realize this solves multiple problems for the masses. With a number of people unable to provide for themselves and the growing number of problems for the people that are financially sound and able to provide for themselves, myself included, this will solve many of the problems. It will bring more resources as a whole, such as food, wealth, and land this will be beneficial for us as it will give our planet a little less grief without all the people and give us more potential to flourish. With almost a billion people, plus more over time, that will be erased from the planet this will as well be in a way a benefit for the children in pain. For the people that are starving over a million are children, with the pain they are now in it would in a way be a barbaric thing to let them live on rations it would be better to let them go and go to heaven to be the angels they are. In a way their sacrifice is helping the other children, including my own, have even better lives and never suffer the way they did.IMG_9942

There is one thing that is even more important to do, which is to really start employing more farmers, this will help the economy and will give us in the developing countries even better lives. With the new land, we can have to farm and even better cities! Think of it all this new room and shopping centers and with fewer people to share it with it will be even better. Not to mention in these places there will most likely be less crime, the reason being as many of the people who are staring cause problems because of their struggles. Yet, an easier process and to help with farming is to again let them go and with their bodies use them as manure. With the use of the bodies as manure, we are using them in a positive way that will make their wrongdoings better and give them the peace they need into the afterlife. This will make our production of more food go even faster, and this should be our main goal. Although, lives do matter with all the deaths what does it really matter we need to do what is best for us.

In the end, all will have to understand this is the best course of action that we take to make the whole world and our lives better. The masses of people suffering will obviously understand and this will alleviate them of everything, and then give the better people, like me, a better life. This is for the greater good and should be what is done.

Starving or Striving

Roy G. Biv

Racism in America, is a problem our great nation has suffered for 200 + years.  So, so, so many solutions have been attempted, none of them to any avail.  Civil rights programs, affirmative action, and yet the United States is almost as divided as ever!  While we may not be suffering at levels of the civil war, or even the 60s it’s still horrendous.  So I, Dr. Mike Litoris, has finally devised a tried and true solution to this social epidemic.  However, before announcing my solution, I feel the the need to explain some background information to really drive the point home.  Racism, and racial superiority come from a form of ethnic nationalism, an extension of true-country nationalism.  However, many people take their pride in their country a step further, and decided that the color of their skin is something to be proud of as well.  

This, is where i drew my inspiration for my country-saving idea.  I came to the the conclusion that because nobody gets to choose their ethnicity (except Michael Jackson of course) and the pride is based on unity with their similarly hued colleagues.  So my solution, comes from an idea of getting to choose your “group.”  

By choosing your group, one can feel pride in it, in a non-offensive and non dangerous matter.  My idea, is that once a person turns 18, they are mandated by our fine government, to choose a color from the preset selections.  The color chosen, is completely up to personal preference, as long as it is government approved.  Once a color is selected, it becomes a part of their daily life: there license is stamped with that color, that is the color they must wear, that color becomes a middle name (ex. Mike Mamplain).  To really drive the point home, their genetic makeup is altered, making their skin a tinted pigment of that color.

  I know what you are thinking, “he can’t be serious, how can their be unity if they are different colors… etc” well reader,  you didn’t let me finish.   First of all, yes I am serious thank you very much.   Another pattern regarding ethnic and national pride I have observed, is that although it tends to spike because of sport, it is increased in a safe and relatively friendly (but competitive) manner.   There are many many examples of this, from the world cups, to olympics, to many others.  

So phase 2 of my plan, is that a certain number of people are randomly chosen from each color (effectively acting as a team) to compete against each other color, in sports.  (I will admit, the idea was inspired by Suzanne Collins “The Hunger Games, but to be fair, that was stolen from a Japanese book “Battle Royale.  I’m not kidding, look it up.)  The winning color is awarded government incentives as a whole, making new coming 18 year olds more likely to choose that color.  When more people choose a color, that color can “evolve” past the other ones, making a new, united “race” of people.  As with how evolution goes, it is survival of the the fittest.  So, to do this, the losing teams are executed, to better evolve the rest of that color, in a darwinian type of thing.   The idea behind choosing a color, is to be a part of a team, one bigger than yourself.   By choosing a color, we are getting rid of dumb ethnic racism, instead giving the commoners a way to vent, in the form of team athletics.   Sport breeds unity.  Unity breeds strength!

The president is already doing this, painting himself a nice shade of orange.
Roy G. Biv

Don’t Drink


She was smokin hot and I was totally into her from the day I first saw her.  I would watch  her from out the window of my dorm room walking to the nearest cafe in the neighborhood…alone…at around 4:30pm after her classes were done.  It usually would take her about 10 minutes to get her strawberry lemonade and chocolate croissant.  I knew if she got to know me she would like me so I made a move.  One day after my classes, I went to the cafe and ordered what she usually gets.  Once I got what I ordered, I waited for her.  It was 4:30.  She walked up to the glass door and I smiled at her but she gave me a questionable look in return. Be cool Cody.  I opened the door for her and said “Here you go” as I handed her the items.  She hesitated and wouldn’t take it. “Do I know you?”, she asked, lightly giggling as she slowly took the items out of my hand.  “My name is Cody”, I said.  She just smirked, looking me up and down.  I could tell she was totally into me.  “There’s a party at my friends frat house  tomorrow.  Do you wanna go?” I asked.  “I’m Jamie”, she paused.  “Well, Cody, I don’t know you…but i love parties so … i don’t’ know, I don’t feel comfortable…”.  I crossed my arms over my chest and gritted my teeth,  “Take a chance”, I pleaded, putting my hand on her shoulder.  She agreed to come and asked ,“could you take me there?  I don’t know my way around campus”.  She wants us to go together, it’s a date!  “So…You want me to take you to the party….alone….Like a date?” I teased.  “I guess so”, she smiled.  

I walked her to the party and we talked a lot and we learned a lot about each other…like you would on a date.  When we got to the party, the music was jumping, people were dancing and drinking and I just couldn’t wait to go in.  I looked at Jamie.  I could tell she was nervous but I know just what’ll loosen her up.  “Jamie, do shots with me!” I cheered, pulling her close and walking towards the drinks.  I noticed that as we were walking, she was holding back and I was starting to get frustrated…she doesn’t wanna be here.  “Cody let go of me…please.  I don’t drink”, she said as she stopped walking.  I laughed a little.  How does a babe like this not drink?  I mean, if you ever saw Jamie, she looks like the kind of girl who gets with three different guys every week and parties until she loses her memory.  “Jamie, just try it”.  After a while, she finally loosened up and we got drunk and danced a bit.  She seemed liked she was having a good time.  I was having a great time.  Later on, she was out of it.  “Take me home”, she said, holding her hand to her head and slurring her words.  Oh…Now we’re talking.  

I walked her to her dorm and she opened the door.  We both walked in and she went to her room around the corner and just laid down, still holding her head.  I closed the door behind me a little mad at the fact that she didn’t even thank me.  I walked to her room and sat next to her on her bed.  It was silent until she broke the silence.  “Cody…You aren’t going home?”.  I didn’t listen I just leaned in…she wanted me to take her home right? ….I had fun that night but i hope that she was on the pill.

After that, I was accused of rape by her and I got in trouble…I don’t understand.  She clearly was aware of what was going on but she should’ve said something.  She was too wasted to say anything.  It’s her fault that she was drunk.  All I know is that whenever I see her around campus, she  scurries the other way and she also hasn’t gone to that cafe ever since.

Don’t Drink