An Order to End ALL Racism

March 15th, 2017

Mr. Vice President, Mr. Speaker, My fellow Americans,

I am here to announce the new passing of a law that will bring great change in our country. A change that is much needed and that has been long awaited for. Our country has great corruption and racism in our law enforcement system. Certain people are being targeted based on their race and this is causes outrage and is inflicting on peopleIMG_1762.JPG’s civil liberties. Our law enforcement has shown great corruption and racism towards African Americans, especially African American males. Many black males have been racially profiled and killed by policemen who “thought they were up to no good”, based on the color of their skin. The responding policies have not brought the change needed and because of this a new executive order will be instituted.

Starting April 15th, 2017, all white police officers will be terminated. All white people in the United States will be barred from working in the law enforcement of our country. Only minorities such as African Americans, Mexicans, and Asians will be allowed to work in law enforcement. This ban of whites as police officers will be for as long as seen necessary. Our administration believes that this will end police brutality against African Americans because the white people are the issue and by taking them out of the problem we will solve racism against black people from the police aspect.

Many may argue that this executive order goes against the Constitution of the United States because it discriminates based on race, however, it does not. This is because whites are the majority in our country and you cannot be racist against white people. Secondly, if this order is not instituted than further racism will continue against blacks and racism against white people is much better than racism against black people. This executive order will finally liberate African Americans and will end all racism. The death’s of people like Oscar Grant and Eric Garner will finally be paid tribute by getting paying all white cops what they deserve, which is termination.

We are anticipating a full reverse in society once this order is released. Law enforcement will be mostly made up of black people, which will decrease the crime rates because most of the crime is caused by African Americans, which causes them to get killed. This will cause white people to be arrested by African Americans and brutality against whites will most definitely occur as a payback for brutality against African Americans. We will allow the police departments to take care of this problem if it occurs as they do so well usually. We also believe that this will increase the education rate and that more African American students will finish high school and maybe even go to college to eventually become police officers given that only minorities will be in law enforcement.

Our society as a whole will have a lot less problems with this new executive order. There will be almost no real racism because it will only be happening to whites, crime rates will lower, education will expand, unemployment will decrease, and death rates of African Americans will decrease. We will have a much more diverse country. White people own a majority of the guns, forty-one percent, in the United States, so they should not have a problem in protecting themselves. Even if there was discrimination against whites, as I previously stated, the whites are the majority and therefore are not racially discriminated.

I believe this will be great for our country and this will bring more pride for America to those who have not experienced it. This will bring lots of peace to our country and will end the horrific racism against African Americans that goes on here. If racism is spread to whites because of it then so be it. Through this I ask Congress and my cabinet to stand with me through the passing of this executive order.


Your President


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An Order to End ALL Racism