The Extinction of Human Sexuality


“The world without sex is the world where people should live in.”
Daniel Harris – The Speaker of The House of Representatives

As a public announcement to the National California Republic, the Senate has concluded that all forms of sex and sexuality as illegal. This includes all forms of media, discussions of sexuality, public organizations, and the action itself to all civilians. This also makes all young adults 18 to be chosen a potential partner or spouse from their parent or guardian. Furthermore, when the time is right, the couple will be artificially inseminated for childbirth of their desire. From the issued date of April 16, 2027; this act will be issued to all civilians and monitored and enforced by the Sexual Department of Defence.

The Senate of the NCR issued this act after the wake of several epidemics that resulted in citywide outbreaks caused harm to the residents of the city. We see that sexual relations of any kind are threatening the republic’s potential strength to grow; harming civilians in the process. Just like the Data Transparency Act and the Explicit Content Ban from a few years back, this act will follow procedures. This will be a termination and dispersion of all sexual forms of media and organizations and the strict monetization of all discussion and activity to all NCR civilians.

After the issued date of April 20, 2077, the Sexual Department of Defence will take charge all over the NCR. This new organization will monetize all forms of media (phones, computers, television, radio, etc.) for civilians breaking the rules of the new act. Using cameras and advance tracking to capture and restrain all offenders of this new act. Anyone who is caught in the action in sex or sex discussion will be treated as a federal offense and will be treated strictly by the courts. Once convicted, offenders will have their reproductive organs chopped, hammered, or incinerated off no exceptions. If necessary they will be treated in mental care facilities afterward. 

After a few months on the issued date of October 16, 2077, the NCR government would have built many structures that will help in the process of partner selection and artificial insemination. This is where the government will issue all young adults turning 18 without a partner to be sent to pick their partner with their parents. This will be conducted with a few headcounts, government issued test, and personal interviews where the parents can pick the best pick for their son and daughter. This will be the intended partner from that point forward and will be issued to live with them in assigned homes. This is where they will have to be artificially inseminated to produce reproduction in the female without sex. This will be taken at all NCR government locations.

Since the wake of the 2050’s, accidents over sexual relations has grown over the years. The numbers of criminal cases and sexually transmitted accidents have grown extensively and harmed the morality of the NCR. These people who committed these acts are hostile, rebel scum who want to damage the reputation of the NCR. The massive outbreak on February 14, 2077, that endangered many civilians in most cities and was the final straw. The Senate discussed that there needs to be a change to the evil actions of sex and sex talk. In addition to a cleansing of the criminal scum which intent is to corrupt and overthrow the innocence of the NCR.

As a man who has raised a family of 3 kids and a loving wife; I can state that sex is dis-pleasurable and is immoral to the human body. As one republic we should stand together to ban and demolish the evils of sex and what it does to society. What the NCR needs right now is change and the freedom of rights to every civilian of the NCR. We want everyone to live freely without the fear or corruption of having sexual urges. We want our society free of the dangers vices of sex.  We need equal rights and freedom for all NCR civilians.

The Extinction of Human Sexuality

“Kill By Torture to End Torture”


Ahhhhh, what a wonderful day, I just finished chopping up the last pieces of the head of a person who had tortured an innocent. He was a part of the Killer Society 101 which is one of the biggest groups of people who aim to kill the innocent. It’s good to be getting rid of the mere trash that this thing was. It was quite enjoyable because I am a part of the Peace Corps., and we strive to get rid of the most gruesome, twisted people in this world who deserve nothing but to be put to death. Since that man had put that innocent young girl in a cage and burned her to death; we believe that the best possible fate for that man would be something of that equivalent but multiplied by one hundred. So I was given the best of luck to be assigned to assassinate this horrid creature, and so I did.

I am quite satisfied with my results, although I’m afraid I didn’t torture him enough; I could have done better. All I did for today was slowly gouge his eyeballs out whilst eating a popsicle because I made sure to not feed him for 40 days prior to his appointment. After I had skinned off every single piece of flesh that he had and put him into a bath of hot Cheetos and limes. I tried to make sure he was able to smell the fresh aroma of the little bits of chile powder that burnt his inner tissue. I could hear every single weeping scream that he made, and I questioned him, “So you didn’t realize how much pain and suffering you put that little girl in did you?” I made sure he got a piece of realization to not mess with an innocent again–if he even has an again…

What made me think that my torture session with that worthless criminal was not that good was because after I had put him into the acidic bath of hot Cheetos; he would not just die! I tried everything from running him over with my matte black Lamborghini Aventador and all his blood splashed everywhere, tying him to a rope by his neck and tying him to the back of my jet and flying 2500 miles per hour, and he still wouldn’t die! This one this time was quite frustrating, I tried everything and it had taken me forever to kill him! I really tried to ensure that he did feel the pain that he put his victim into.

I found out that the final way of torture to end this nobody’s life was by calling up the mother of the young girl that he had tortured to death to come and end this fool’s life. She had answered the call willingly, and she said that she was ready to inflict twelve times the amount of pain and suffering that he put her child in. She had chosen to crucify that horrible thing, and she made sure to slowly put him in so much pain without killing him, until she finally chose to tear off all of his limbs, and she wanted me to finish him off by chopping every little piece of the remains up and boil it as soup to serve to the starving animals in the area.

I think that this torture fest had went great because I got my job done by bringing peace into the world by torturing the bad guy, and the mother of the young girl that was killed by that man was able to gather revenge for her poor, young, daughter who was ill-fated with this horrid, lifeless, piece of animal food on the ground. The mother I am sure is proud to be able to give this evil person a piece of her anger. Overall I think it was a wonderful day of killing off bad people in this world that don’t deserve to live but rather to just burn in hell.That’s it for today!

“Kill By Torture to End Torture”

My Nature is Blocked by Trees


I live on a hill where I can look out upon the beautiful scenery. The terrain engulfed by nature, the grasslands as they wrap around the mounds that encircle my view; it’s the most wonderful view in the world, that I can see solely from my bedroom. However, over the years the redwoods in my backyard have grown, so I’m going to cut them down. I love looking at nature. It’s marvelous evolutionary complexity yet stunning simplicity adds beauty, inspiration and meaning to my life, but these trees have committed the heinous act of destroying my view. I will uproot them. It’s invaluable to be able to wake up to Mother Earth every morning, and for these redwoods to think that they have the right to block my view inexcusable.

It is said that a stunning view, like mine, before the horrendous trees grew, can increase the value of a property by up to 12%, but what is this value in terms of happiness? Because of these redwoods, I attain 12% less happiness every time I look out the window. I don’t get to see the true beauty of nature, nor can I marvel at the magnificence of it anymore.

What would the world do without nature? It’s of the utmost importance because of all its benefits, not only emotionally, but also ecologically. My redwoods provide none of that, and will therefore be gone. By the time Earth Day comes around this year, I’ll have my beautiful view back, so I can enjoy the rolling hills; the redwoods shall be no more.

My Nature is Blocked by Trees

YouTube’s Downfall . . .

Having more free time than other people, local child named Bobby Martin has just announced that he will never watch YouTube again.  Bobby said, “YouTube has been tumbling down in views lately and I feel that its staff members aren’t working hard enough to establish a proper place to be able to upload videos.”  Bobby went on to say how YouTube used to be exciting and thrilling when he would log onto YouTube, but he hasn’t felt that way recently from the less views it has been receiving.  He then states that, “Other people around the world should stop watching the videos in this website as well because of the recent downhill road it is going into.”  Is this the end of the popular video sharing website that has over ‘a billion hours watched every single day’?  Going into the website as of today, views in YouTube have dramatically dropped according to Bobby.  It has also been reported to us that he doesn’t experience the same feelings that he does for YouTube.  Bobby wants to see the change that he wasn’t seen to hopefully revive the website altogether.  From what Bobby is stating, it seems that the website’s staff isn’t doing anything to fix the problems for their viewers, especially with the removal of unskippable thirty second advertisements.  From the information given to us today, this is the reason why YouTube is finally at it’s downfall.  People are losing interest in YouTube and it is not long until the website loses most of its viewers.


YouTube’s Downfall . . .

Standardized but NOT Equal


Welcome in, now sit down and take a standardized test on material your school didn’t bother to teach you. There somehow wasn’t enough math books for your geometry class last year, so you probably won’t do too good in that section. Oh, and there was forty students in your english class freshman year, so you won’t do good there either. We know you have not been sufficiently prepared for the test  like others have, but you have to take it anyway. Without it say goodbye to your chance of getting into the four year university of your dreams. Wait, it’s not like you could afford it anyway, college cost like a million bucks nowadays. But don’t complain, it’s a standardized test, so everyone is on the same playing field, right? Even those rich kids who go to the private school 10 minutes away from your house, and have parents who invest half a grand for an ACT tutor. Meanwhile, your mom could barely afford for you to take the test. Lets not get started on how you couldn’t study for the test because spent all of your evenings doing homework, and watching your little sister, while your mom worked extra shifts. It really is unfortunate, but we will still compare you to all of those students even though you come from a very different lifestyle and educational background. We use the test as a generic way to put a number on your intelligence. Good luck though, we hope you do great.

Standardized but NOT Equal

Catholic Blessings Gotta Go


Today at school, we had liturgy to celebrate a holiday because we are a Catholic school. It seemed all normal because we are just celebrating the Eucharist and Jesus Christ right? Everything during mass was all fine until it was time to give a blessing. Everyone simultaneously extended their arms and hands outward towards the priest. I was so shook when I saw what happened. Everyone was doing the Nazi salute! The Basilica instantly turned into the Reichstag. LIKE WOAH! Everybody needs to chill out! I thought to myself, “Is this even a Catholic school? What have I gotten myself into?” No one even realized what they were doing. They saluted to the priest subconsciously. All of the students and teachers all acted like mindless zombies. Come on. Does no one actually see what the blessing kinda resembles? I couldn’t fathom the idea of everyone showing praise to the priest as if he is Hitler. But there I am, looking like a fish out of water. After the mass, I asked my friends what happened in the Basilica but all of the responses I get are “What are you even talking about?” Maybe it’s all in my mind but still, all of these blessings gotta go. Or at least change up the position when you give a blessing. God, please tell me that you are seeing this. Send us some sort of sign. Anything. Oh well, don’t want to be late to APUSH since we’re learning about WWII.

Catholic Blessings Gotta Go

Moneyball Without The Money

ben-asEvery spring, the increasingly diminishing fanbase of the Oakland Athletics anxiously awaits to find out how their team will let them down once again. The mad scientist in charge, Billy Beane, goes into his lab every off-season and tries to create a winning team out of everyone else’s leftovers. By the motley crew that shows up at spring training, you’d think that Beane recruits his team from Little League (although, Little Leaguers probably have more fans than the A’s). As a result, A’s fans are not surprised when their team plays more like the notorious Bad News Bears instead of the major leaguers that they are supposed to be. It looks like half the players have holes in their mitts and everyone is running into each other. Or maybe, the players are just running away from the sewage that flows into their clubhouse because the team owner is too cheap to build a new stadium. At least A’s fans don’t have to wait in line to use the bathroom;there is always plenty of room around the horse troughs. The other good news is that last year, fans got to see many A’s players in the playoffs and World Series. Unfortunately,they were all playing for other ball clubs since Beane always trades his best players as soon as they start to show promise. Are the A’s really a major league team or just a training ground for bonafide teams? Apparently, Billy Beane’s infamous moneyball strategy seems to have gone completely bankrupt and lost its balls.