16-17 Per. 1 Juvenalian Satire

Juvenalian Satire

Rachel, Eduardo, Dylan, and Beatrice

(Noun) A darker or more cynical way of making fun of people or current events. It has a much darker tone than Horatian Satire. It uses much more serious topics as the basis of the satire.  

Homeland Security (Cartoon)


This image is a great example of Juvanelian satire because it shows an image of Native Americans with guns with the caption,”Homeland Security, Fighting Terrorism since 1492.”  1492 is the year Christopher Colombus landed in America.  So this image is saying that Europeans were terrorists when they started colonizing America.  This is pretty dark because a large amount of the Native Americans were killed by Europeans.

Nation’s Educators Alarmed By Poorly Written Teen Suicide Notes (Article)


In this article, the writers use Juvenalian satire because they are talking about a very serious matter which causes the article to have a much darker tone. It has darkly sarcastic way of addressing the educational system’s compassionless focus on having good grade results rather than focusing on the fact that kids are dying. It is a satire because the writers of the article make fun of the educational system for having such backward objectives.


Juvenalian Satire by Darkon Columbia from the Daily Tribune (Cartoon)unnamed

This image, a high schooler says that 30 percent of students will drop out of high school. It can be inferred that they will drop out through bad grades, not caring enough, felonies, etc. Another one of his friends says that’s like half, showing that he hasn’t cared enough to pay attention to his classed and doesn’t know/understand basic math. The last person says that he’s going to work when the Chinese takeover, showing a lack of comprehension in history and current events and an indifferent approach to school, showing that he doesn’t care enough about it, and will likely fail. 30% is shown in this article by the last individual, the shortest, most likely dropping out of high school (he would be the third of the group).


Tom Toles from The Buffalo News (Cartoon)


In this cartoon, the NY Times is reporting the opening of a Disney American History Theme Park. They give the description of the park as it having nine themes including slavery in America and the wrenching era of the Vietnam War. This image is making fun of the dark times in our history which was full of bad and cruel issues like slavery and war. At the time of this publication Disney was planning to build this exact theme park, but was criticized in what it will include. Toles makes fun of this situation by saying that they will include the horrible history of America. It makes fun of something that at the time was a big issue with dark topics like slavery and war.