Welcome Back Slavery

unnamedHello, I am Ben Wiley a reporter from the New York Times, providing live coverage of the inaugural weekly Shooting Games co-sponsored by the United States House of Representatives and the Ku Klux Klan. The shooting contest is taking place on the nation’s mall in front of the Lincoln Memorial in honor of President Lincoln’s horrible mistake of emancipating African Americans. This contest will feature a black tribute from each state who will be tied up with no way of defending himself and will be forced to wear clothes that resemble the city they are from. The winner will be the white person who most viciously and brutally kills his black target.  Our very own President Trump will be  presiding over the contest as the official judge. He strides to his throne proudly donning a white robe with a swastika on the sleeve. His unnatural blond hair starkly juxtaposes the sea of black on the ground below him as tributes prepare to meet their bloody fate. The champion that Trump chooses will get a reward of  satisfaction in knowing that he has helped to defeat the black plague destroying America’s inner cities, as well as one million dollars financed by the Trump administration.

The Shooting Games mark a once in a lifetime opportunity for white police officers and other racist Americans to grab their favorite weapons and get in line for their chance at glory by helping to rid American cities of the black folk. They will be able to enjoy this without any gun restrictions and in front of hordes of encouraging spectators, many of whom are dressed in white robes. A dream come true for the NRA and a brilliant way to wipe out the entire African American population! I wonder if this solution is what they had in mind when 88 percent of African Americans suggested that the movement for racial equality still needs more work (Workneh, Lilly: 6 Eye Opening Facts).

The Shooting Games are the brainchild of white supremacist Jeff Sessions, inspired by the glorious killings of Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin and other dangerous black criminals who are destroying American cities. Sessions initiated the Shooting Games to fulfil Trump’s promise of getting tougher on crime and making police officers’ jobs easier. Clearly lining black people up in a firing line will accomplish this mission. It also is sure to improve blacks’ relationship with police. Currently, blacks are four times as likely as whites to say that police mistreatment is a major problem in their community, and less than half of blacks have adequate confidence in police (Piacenza, Jones, “Isolated Incidents” or “Broader Pattern”). The Shooting Games will clearly boost blacks’ faith in police officers’ shooting ability. However, if the marksmen are successful, then in a few years there will be no remaining African Americans to retaliate against the police or further destroy the fabric of our great American society. Luckily, President Trump has come up with an alternative solution for blacks who are too scared and thus do not want to participate in the Shooting Games.

Those blacks who do not want to experience this awesome opportunity may bleach their skin, get rid of their sagging jeans and criminalistic ways, and attempt to live as respectable light-skinned Americans. Despite their changed physical appearance, however, these cowardly black people will still be treated as the second class citizens that they have always been thought of to be.They will be forced back into slavery, working at the hands of our federal government and law enforcement for the rest of their lives. By enduring this, blacks are escaping death but being forced to leave their true identity and everything they have ever known behind. Surely this is preferable to their current unkempt lifestyle.

Tune in tomorrow to see how the action plays out



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Welcome Back Slavery

The Extinction of Human Sexuality


“The world without sex is the world where people should live in.”
Daniel Harris – The Speaker of The House of Representatives

As a public announcement to the National California Republic, the Senate has concluded that all forms of sex and sexuality as illegal. This includes all forms of media, discussions of sexuality, public organizations, and the action itself to all civilians. This also makes all young adults 18 to be chosen a potential partner or spouse from their parent or guardian. Furthermore, when the time is right, the couple will be artificially inseminated for childbirth of their desire. From the issued date of April 16, 2027; this act will be issued to all civilians and monitored and enforced by the Sexual Department of Defence.

The Senate of the NCR issued this act after the wake of several epidemics that resulted in citywide outbreaks caused harm to the residents of the city. We see that sexual relations of any kind are threatening the republic’s potential strength to grow; harming civilians in the process. Just like the Data Transparency Act and the Explicit Content Ban from a few years back, this act will follow procedures. This will be a termination and dispersion of all sexual forms of media and organizations and the strict monetization of all discussion and activity to all NCR civilians.

After the issued date of April 20, 2077, the Sexual Department of Defence will take charge all over the NCR. This new organization will monetize all forms of media (phones, computers, television, radio, etc.) for civilians breaking the rules of the new act. Using cameras and advance tracking to capture and restrain all offenders of this new act. Anyone who is caught in the action in sex or sex discussion will be treated as a federal offense and will be treated strictly by the courts. Once convicted, offenders will have their reproductive organs chopped, hammered, or incinerated off no exceptions. If necessary they will be treated in mental care facilities afterward. 

After a few months on the issued date of October 16, 2077, the NCR government would have built many structures that will help in the process of partner selection and artificial insemination. This is where the government will issue all young adults turning 18 without a partner to be sent to pick their partner with their parents. This will be conducted with a few headcounts, government issued test, and personal interviews where the parents can pick the best pick for their son and daughter. This will be the intended partner from that point forward and will be issued to live with them in assigned homes. This is where they will have to be artificially inseminated to produce reproduction in the female without sex. This will be taken at all NCR government locations.

Since the wake of the 2050’s, accidents over sexual relations has grown over the years. The numbers of criminal cases and sexually transmitted accidents have grown extensively and harmed the morality of the NCR. These people who committed these acts are hostile, rebel scum who want to damage the reputation of the NCR. The massive outbreak on February 14, 2077, that endangered many civilians in most cities and was the final straw. The Senate discussed that there needs to be a change to the evil actions of sex and sex talk. In addition to a cleansing of the criminal scum which intent is to corrupt and overthrow the innocence of the NCR.

As a man who has raised a family of 3 kids and a loving wife; I can state that sex is dis-pleasurable and is immoral to the human body. As one republic we should stand together to ban and demolish the evils of sex and what it does to society. What the NCR needs right now is change and the freedom of rights to every civilian of the NCR. We want everyone to live freely without the fear or corruption of having sexual urges. We want our society free of the dangers vices of sex.  We need equal rights and freedom for all NCR civilians.

The Extinction of Human Sexuality

Revising Education

unnamed (1)To my fellow Americans, we the United States Government have called you upon to address the problem that has been faced with us for generations, our public school education.  Years and years have passed, and yet nothing has been done to help support our youth in need of better lives.  The way our school education is organized as of now is out of place and doesn’t do its job.  The states of our nation have complete control over how our future citizens learn and have made poor decisions based on the requirements needed to complete school.  From the common core standards set as of now, “46 states may have adopted the standards but around a dozen states are backing out or considering backing out of using them.”  The states are all on different places which leads to disorder in our nation.  These children who come from public schools haven’t learned the knowledge they need to excel in college and this harms our nation as a whole.  According to the National Center for Education Statistics, “Research says that roughly 19 percent of public school students are not able to finish high school and more than 70 percent are not qualified to enroll for a college degree.”  These statistics show the reality of the situation that we are in.

While our states have done our best with trying to regulate our public school education, their decisions have brought us to this point.  The way our schools are structured are to blame for this which creates tension for parents in the United States.  Many of our parents today have thought that, “Usually there is a perceived or statistically supported issue with a public school’s academic record that flags a parent’s concern and willingness to move their child into a private school.”  We have to create some sort of change that will recreate the organization of public schools and its curriculum for each state to set an example that they will have to follow.  

What can we do in this time of despair and hopelessness?  Well, a solution has come enlighten everyone across our nation.  In the near future, a law will be passed that will allow the U.S. government instead of the states to have control over our children’s education.  When this law passes, we have come up with a system that will help better organize our public school education once and for all!  This well thought-out plan starts with separating our children into different factions.  Each faction is created to operate a specific field of study.  When placed in this specific field of study, our children will only learn what is needed to operate that specific job since they won’t need to learn anything else.  This will help create a set of laws and curriculum that will be the same for every state, so that everything can be well-structured.  

When everything is regulated, we plan to set rules that will continue to better our lives and humanity.  Our first rule is that our students won’t be able to choose what field of study they want to be in.  Our government will order where each child will go to when they reach the age needed.  Second, we do not advise for anyone to attempt to connect with other factions or talk to anyone other than your own faction, for that will harm a child’s study, and we don’t want anything to lower our children’s chances to succeed in life.  These rules are the only set of laws that are confirmed as of now, but failure to effectively comply with any of these laws will be killed immediately.

With everything that has been planned for the future, public schools will be changed forever.  Public school education will be changed for the benefit of us all.  There will be no more people who will have to suffer because of the education that our schools give, because of the more ordered and regulated syllabus that will be placed among all of the United States.  

Revising Education

Who Trumps Who?


Government, what a scary subject to talk about! It is all jumbled up with who trumps who. We have the federal, state, county and city government. Then for us teenagers we have home, school and friend government. One could describe government like an onion, with many layers. We can all say that federal is the top dog, the big kahuna, followed by the state, county, then city government.  Ugh!! I can barely keep up with it and let alone spell them all.  Then we get into the confusing part of teenager government. Who trumps who? Does mom trump dad? Does school overrule friends? Sports over homework? Well, that won’t get me into college! Who controls my curfew? Is it the feds, is it my parents, or is it my friends? School government dictates that you have to go to school from 8am-2:40pm.  Does that mean I can appeal to the state to exempt me from starting school until 10am? That sounds pretty nice to me if I say so myself. Technically speaking, we can all Tweet “The Donald” and ask him to overrule curfew, eating dessert before dinner, appealing not to do chores at home, as well as being able to have as many puppies as we want. While by common knowledge federal law overrides state law, but for teenagers who knows who rules the roost. I mean, my Dad says he is the “king of the house” but my mother disagrees. I’m not sure either, it all depends on the day of the week.

Who Trumps Who?