What To Do When Accused of Cultural Appropriation: A Step by Step Guide!


*Disclaimer: The girl pictured above does not actually appropriate other cultures!*

Do you admire natural black hairstyles? Do you want to wear your stylish, tribal outfit to Coachella this year? Keep reading and learn how to deal with being accused of appropriating other cultures!

Step One: Claim it As Appreciation

Cornrows and dreadlocks are the new trends; everyone should get to experience them! If a black person tells you that you are appropriating their culture, tell them to calm down and get over it! You are appreciating their culture by showing off your new hair do! Even if that hairstyle is apart of their cultural background, you have every right to make it a fashion statement. Even if you don’t care about black social issues, and you’re the type of person to exclaim “All Lives Matter”, go ahead and rock your braids! Might as well listen to rap music and say the N-word too,  because it’s okay to say it as long as you’re singing it!

Step Two: Ignore The Accusations

Everyone wants to rock the super cute, boho chic style at summer music festivals. But your outfit just wouldn’t be complete without a colorful Native American headdress. Who cares if it creates a stereotype for Native American culture? If you look cute in it, then wear it with confidence! While you’re at it, root for your favorite football team; the Redskins. It’s just the name of a team! Why are people getting upset about it? Yeah, it defaces Native American culture, makes a negative stereotype, and mocks the skin color of native people. But C’mon now, it’s just football!

What To Do When Accused of Cultural Appropriation: A Step by Step Guide!

One thought on “What To Do When Accused of Cultural Appropriation: A Step by Step Guide!

  1. chlomoneyyy says:

    This was really good. I enjoyed how it was different from everyone else and you went a different route. Thought it was really funny how you used a disclaimer in the beginning. The amount of sarcasm really helps with the comedy of it.


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