To The Easily Offended


This should be fun… Hi there ya special snowflake, how does it feel knowing that most people tiptoe around you so they don’t set you off? It must feel great since everything that most people say is in agreeance with your opinion. Oh and if someone disagrees with you they have to be crucified immediately! And they have to agree with your opinion because you’re so smart and intelligent since you spend every breathing moment on Tumblr and Buzzfeed. There is no such thing as someone with a different opinion because you’re always right, right? Wrong! There are a lot, and I mean a lot, of people who will most likely disagree with you. When did people become so sensitive? Oh I’m sorry, I meant Politically Correct. Oh man that’s just ridiculous… All the time I see people screaming because someone didn’t agree with them or made an “offensive joke”. You say one thing and people run around like chickens with their heads cut off. (And on that note chickens without heads have more brains than these sensitive snowflakes). It’s entertaining to watch everyone rage about how they got butthurt about something someone said. However, there is such thing as actually being offended but what I’m talking about is not the “someone called me an idiot because I’m blonde”, I’m talking about the sensitive, sheltered special snowflakes who whine about someone saying something remotely “offensive”. I feel like that the people who get offended easily should have a big “I get offended easily so approach with caution” sticker on them. Just to give people a warning. So to all those people who get offended easily, please just don’t open your mouth at all. I think doing that will benefit the world better than your opinion.

To The Easily Offended

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